Give Yourself Closure, No One Will!

No one else will give you closure, you owe that to yourself. You owe it to yourself to keep yourself safe, happy, peaceful and to allow things to go.
Probably a lot of things did not work out for you, relationships, you did not know how to relate in a healthy manner, you made lots of mistakes, you were learning how to be in control of yourself and your emotions.
Don’t be so harsh on yourself, allow your past to be released, people who hurt you, if they didn’t apologise, take their actions, their intentions to hurt you (those who intended to hurt you, because of their own pain), take their actions as closure, even if they never apologised or will never apologise.
If they disrespected you, left you hanging, never saw what they did wrong, did not apologise, did not do what you wanted them to do, withheld their love from you, or did a lot of bad things to you. Know that they are also hurting and perhaps you didn’t want them in your life anymore, you removed them, then they got really angry and brought you a lot of pain. Know that what they did, did not have anything to do with you, you did not deserver it, you were not at fault and that full responsibility goes to these people. You need to give yourself closure for all the bad things that took place, for a painful life, for having too big a responsibility as a healer (perhaps towards your ancestors/family), forgive yourself, forgive those who have done you wrong, give yourself full closure now!

Closure. Kiran G
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