Life Coaching

Life Coaching is at the forefront of what I do.  I run workshops, seminars, self paced e-learning,  instructor led online courses and provide help to others reach their potential.  My Niche is SELF MASTERY – i.e, how to master the self, recognise challenges, remove barriers by being mindful of the self.

These are done through recognising your skills and talents.

Refocusing your goals

Recognising the barriers, where we are stuck, we get unstuck by being mindful.

Move past challenges, attain breakthroughs and reach your goals.

Everyone is different.  One method does not fit all, a great degree of flexibility is needed when we are dealing with people’s emotions and feelings.  Especially for those who are stuck and cannot move on.

I apply mindfulness techniques, my knowledge from personal experience to move you from the past or future to the present.  A lot of knowledge is required to do this, a lot of us are stuck in the traumatic past, an event that happened that we cannot move past. I use my shamanic know how to innerstand the issues – it could be generational blockage, Karma (actions of the past), ancestral issues, personal issues, belief systems, core beliefs – all intertwined together.

All the above can impact health, wealth, success, personal growth, movement and flow in life, happiness, self expression and relationships with others.  Traumas can lead to total dissociation from self, others, life, relationships.  When we are stuck and cannot move on, life freezes, we become numb, we become used to loss and suffering.

All this can change, there are possibilities for a good life, we have to work at it.  To have breakthroughs, we must work at it.  We MUST put the work in, I help you see your blockage, where you are stuck, these can be done through talking, asking questions, painting, drawing, journalling or other methods that I use.

Kiran G