Kiran G Coaching


Communication is key to life.  

Speak, speak up, speak out.  Make sure you shout out loud!

In my self mastery, super success, super-magic coaching classes, I teach good people to stand up for yourself.  To speak, speak up, to open your channels of communication, to take back all your powers.


By taking control of your powers, by being in charge of you, your choices, decisions, by being in control of your mind, body and spirit.

I teach you to have strong boundaries, to protect yourself, your energy (which is your possession, your wealth, your abundance) to have super protection around you, around your aura, to protect your chakras, your energy centres, so no one can swipe your energy, steal it, exhange it for lower energies, or dump their energies onto you!

I teach you to take good care of your mind energy, which is the most powerful energy in the multiverse, once you become in charge and in control of your mind energy, you have mastered life. The purpose of life is to become in charge and in control of your mind energy and use it to manifest anything you want in life.

I teach you to become sovereign, to become your own free entity on this enslaved earth.  Once you become so powerful, you become free, you can use your powers for the good of all, for the highest good, to help others, to help this world, its people, all its species to become free from the shackles of this controlled realm.

I teach you to become independent, powerful, fierce warrior, but with love.  I teach you balance, I teach you how to take your super powers back, how to do energetic cleaning, cleansing, purging, clearing.

I teach you to be in charge of what manifests in your life, with super powerful free will, you decide what comes into your life, you are no longer a puppet of the controlling frequency.

I teach you to remove energies that are not healthy for you, to become abundant, wealthy, to have good health, lots of energy into your life.

I teach you to rise, to defend yourself energetically, spiritually, mentally, magically.  You become a master of self, a light-warrior.  We do energetic martial arts, KungFu!  You become the Energetic-Ninja! Magic baby!

I teach you to become magical, to connect to your magical self, to remember your past magical life, I remind you of the powers within you, this is magic.  I teach you how to become a super power, a super human, an upgraded human.  The only criteria: a good heart and come with clean hands.

This power cannot be used to hurt/harm others, but can be used to defend yourself from corrupt/dark forces.

That is the mission of a warrior woman/man.  You are being called!

We are the ONE force! we are one of the law of one.

Kiran G