Family Soul DNA Constellation Healing

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A lot of healing is needed so the family has a good life, good health, wealth, prosperity and abundance of all kinds.

Healing is needed from someone who has the experience; a healer, whom you can connect with and trust.  There is a lot of trauma suffered by families and generations, this is stored in the families’ Soul DNA records.

To extract these long term records from the DNA, someone who knows how to do this must proceed with caution, it’s a bit like surgery, but on the psychic side.  It’s energetic extraction, usually these become cords, roots, a wildlife of thorny jungles and must be removed or the person can have psychic pain and suffering.

To clear a whole family, generations, which can go back to 7, 15 or all the way back to generations, the shaman can also decide that it goes all the way since the beginning of that soul, it can also go back to the galactic seed of the soul.

If the soul has had continuous traumas, then the soul becomes dissociated with reality.  i.e, this soul doesn’t react to life, living, goodness and all its abundance,

it’s like death while living.  The soul cannot feel, cannot associate with anything, cannot respond, cannot make healthy decisions, is stuck, attracts only bad events, circumstances, people and gets deeper and deeper into the shock and trauma and therefore, the circle of pain and trauma continues.

A lot of souls, will have to start the healing process somewhere and this is it! If you’ve felt disconnected to people, disowned to this world, you are feeling the call of ancient lands, which calls you for healing and connection.

Connect deeply with your people, your land, your world, your life, your body, your identity, your own self.  This will help you feel the connection to people, places, land, this will root you to your DNA, your constellation, your galactic family and then you will be able to connect to your land, your world, your body, mind, heart and soul.

If you have a lot of pain/trauma/suffering in your family DNA, family soul, get in touch.

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