The Karmics And TwinFlame Trap

Ah, so much is going on right now. Beware! A lot of karmics are showing up and divine feminines/masculines are getting trapped into believing these karmics are their real twin flames.
The twin flame trap is big, beware, a lot of forces are trying to keep the divine masculine/feminine into dark webs of pain and suffering.
This is so, the divine human, does not complete their mission, the mission is peace and love.
One person in peace and love means the whole planet can be shifted into pure light. We anchor that light and love, this is powerful, each one of us who are in love and peace, embody the power of millions of humans who are in fear frequency. One of us, can cancel out a massive proportion of fearful humans. Our love and peace can push big numbers of humans into the same frequency. The dark agenda is to cancel us out. By cancelling out those who embody peace and love frequencies, they can further the agenda of darkness on this planet. A lot of divine masculines/feminines are being trapped into the dark twin flame trap. This is the trap that keeps one believing that the person they have met is their twin flame. The twin flame signs and synchronicities that are being pushed as truth is further pushing a lot of humans into despair. The internet is full of bad info on twin flames that is keeping a lot of people trapped into sick and narcissistic relationships.
Beware that karmics and rogue twins are passing themselves as divine, just to get into your energy. Your energy is golden, by the mere fact that someone is near you, they thrive and prosper, by you choosing them as friends and making close bonds with them, they benefit from your energy, they get a lifetime of free energy and protection.
Watch out who is passing themselves as your twin. Your true twin will feel peaceful, there will be no fight, there will be peace and love, you will have an inner knowing that they are your true twin. Your twin will love you not matter what, they will be there for you, unconditionally, they will love you from far and near.
Your twin will be just like you, your path will intertwine, they will love the same things as you. You will find it magical as if, something from beyond has designed this, your twin will love, respect and honour you, your twin will be your mirror, your path will be exactly the same, if you have an issue in your physical body, you will find they have the same, your twin will please you with the things they do.
There is a sense of love and peace when you think of your twin. If you still can’t tell who your twin is by the above, a definite tell tale is, forces will come to separate you from your real twin, to sow seed of confusion and suffering in you because it is not good for the dark forces for you and your true twin to unite.
You will have fake twins come to sow the seed of doubt in your mind, a lot of karmics will come to fight for the place of your twin, they want to be crowned and want the crowning. They will mirror you and mimic you, so you really believe that they are your twin. Whilst you were very positive from the very beginning, now you have doubts, because the karmics are passing themselves as your twin, divine masculine/feminine.
You will know, who your real twin is, the real twin makes you feel peace, the fake ones make you feel confused, ill at ease, in pain, fearful, you feel trapped, tied down, you will find that they timing is not right, in chaotic energy, you will be consumed by co-dependency, traumas, pain as you are taking their karma on board.
I hope the above helps you find your true flame.
Kiran G

When Karma Kicks Their Butts!

It’s a bit of an irony, I mean … I am not a fan of Karma, but it’s cool to see when Bad Karma kicks butts. I am enjoying it, so badly!
Karma will not clear itself and it needs your input, knowledge is needed and will to clear karma. Once you know what you are doing, you’ll see all the karma getting paid right this moment.
If you have suffered great losses and waiting for them to pay back, it’s happening right now.
Just watch!

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Why Do We Need To Clear Karma?

New dimension
  1. The beginning
  2. The Inner Child Needs Love!
  3. Clearing, clearing, clearing and it is done.
  4. Divine has your back and always had your back.
  5. Unforgiveness is very costly!
  6. Your life is shifting into the highest consciousness!
  7. Clearing all your pain away!
  8. Feel the feelings.
  9. You're winning!

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Hi all, I am Kiran G and I am here to guide you, if you so choose to be here. There is no ego in me whilst I write this, as in I know more than you. I don’t know more than you, I am just at a good place and I am here to share how I have got through my own pain and suffering. There is no magic wand to eliminate all pain at once, it’s a gradual process. This is my way of giving back to the world I have lived in.

I am here to serve humanity, in its ascension. Believe me, I have waited long enough, i.e, hiding myself for as long as I could to do this work. But, I see the world crying, hurting and so many stars, lightbeings leaving this world in extreme despair. The loss of many good hearts (through suicide and being harmed by dark forces) has propelled me to be here, take part in the ascension process, fight with all my might and stop hiding.

I have been a hermit a while, in the caves of desolation, desperation, where some days have seemed too long, too dark, too much of an effort to even try. I want to tell you, the darkest of forces are harming humanity in all ways. The fight is not against races, people of other colour, religion, but against evil forces who have planned to enslave humanity even further. We all have to rise now.
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It’s Time To Rise!

New Times Are Here, Tribe. I am Ready and You are Too!

The Wait Is Over!

The Nectar Is Ready!
The Nectar is Ready

It’s been what seems like a long wait and a long way! Guess what? you are here. We are here and we are ready to rock and roll. Stick around and pay attention, because a lot is happening behind the scenes, when you are ready, you will turn up at the right time and l will turn up at the right time. We gave each other a time and a place to meet. This is the calling to gather, the horns have sounded, the genius is awake and the magic wants to come forth.
It’s time, let’s do this!
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Kiran G

Let That Pain Go!

Let that Pain Go! You have been carrying all this horror and pain inside of you.  Let that shit go! Secretly, not allowing anyone in, not allowing anyone to see that pain.  As a result, that thing is weighing on your mind, pulling and tugging down your soul with rage, anger, revenge and sadness. It seems like, there is a desire to get even, to make someone pay, to defeat evil who has done you wrong, to take everything back, to take your powers back, the monstrous horror of a person you met, who wore light mask, passing themselves as the most amazing thing you have ever met, but who turned out to be horror.

Drop That Burden!

Time to move on, let that shit go.  The evil has been defeated.  Let go of that burning rage inside of you, the past that still consumes you, taking you yet again down into the tunnel of despair,  sadness, bitterness, pain and suffering.  Whoever has done you wrong, it’s time to let go of that which holds you back, punishing them is also punishing yourself, staying stuck in the darkest past, you keep yourself stuck in loops and cycles of despair, revenge, rage, resentment, bitterness.

Stop the Self Sabotage!

Furthermore, when you stop sabotaging yourself, you will find that you had it all – all along! you had been concentrating on the destroyed wealth, whilst you had more in your life already.  Concentrate on what you have now, you have a lot of goodness now, nurture it, see it, water it, fertilise it, give it energy to grow.  The past is over, although great injustices took place, extreme destruction took place, things are now good.

Hard work is done!

You have done the hard work of removing all those bad influences, energies, karmic debts from your life.  Taking responsibility for others’ behaviour, karma – for a lot of things as they dumped their horror on you, you felt it was your burden/debt to carry, when it wasn’t.  It looks like you have been paying someone else’s debt whilst they went about free, free of their own karmic debt.

These Debts are not Yours

There is no need to carry someone else’s issues, burdens, karmic debt.  They carry theirs, you carry yours.  Drop that shit and free yourself.  A lot of lightseeds are carrying others’ pain and suffering, not even knowing that it’s not theirs.  Drop the dead, drop the horror, pain, suffering, they are not yours.

Come back into life.  Light up your way.  It’s time for you to live your life in your own light and beauty.


Finally, Forgive yourself, forgive others.  Forgive.

Kiran G

Identifying Core Beliefs!

Heal YourSELF - Back Cover - CopyWhat’s Your Story?

“Why does this happen to me?  nothing good happens in my life.  What’s the point of doing this? I will fail anyway.  I am ugly, I am not good enough, I always fail, only bad things happen in my life. I am used to failure, only bad things happen to me, everyone thinks I am stupid, I am blamed for everything, anyway.  My life is full of pain, no one wants me, No one wants me, I have no friends, who would want to be my friend? This world is a dangerous place, people are generally bad, I can’t trust anyone.  I don’t feel safe, Life is a struggle, they will leave me anyway …” Do you tell yourself any of these? Then, you have a set of core beliefs that you are unaware of, that are ruling your life.

What are Core Beliefs?

Core beliefs are deep rooted beliefs that have been formed at a very early stage in life and we haven’t managed to change them.  Most of us are on auto-pilot, functioning from our unconscious state of mind.  Unless we become mindful of our thoughts, feelings, emotions, understanding, patterns, actions and belief systems, we carry on being the robot that walks around the planet in an unconscious state of being.  Until we become aware of our mental patterns, break the toxic ones, the dysfunctional one, we cannot have a peaceful life.

Most people suffer and are stuck in a loop of dysfunctional patterns, which are endless.  We feel completely defeated by the lack of order and the continuous pattern of chaotic manifestations.  So, why did we get into this loop of emotional, mental, physical, spiritual chaos?  When we are born, we learn from our environment, people around us, our parents, family members, teachers, friends and everyone around us.

We’re constantly learning new things, behaviours, patterns and adding to our belief systems.  Most of our core beliefs were formed when we were between the ages of 0-5 years.  At an early age we learnt the important lessons about our own safety and security.  We learnt that to remain safe we had to do or not do certain things.  For example, we will either, take flight, freeze or fight when faced with a challenging situation.

Depending on which mode we feel the safest in, we build our responses, our actions, reactions, thoughts and belief systems around that default mode.  So, if we feel safest in freeze mode, we grow up with that response, so we will most likely be quiet, become numb, freeze, dissociate from people, events, situations, get out of our own body to stay safe from what we deem to be dangerous to us.

Then, we build narratives around our default system.  So, if when we were a child, we froze each time we felt in danger, we then tell ourselves stories, these stories revolve around our default system of flight, fight or freeze mode.   We then build over our default modes, we build stories, the stories we tell ourselves, for example: “bad things always happen to me, no one is here for me, no one will come if I cry, when I am in pain no one is here for me, I have no one, I am ugly, I am not good enough”.

We aren’t even aware of these belief systems that are there, they were formed so early on that we don’t even know they are there.  Then we meet people, who are always triggering us and bringing all of our core beliefs to the surface.  So, when we react to someone in a strong way, that person has triggered our core beliefs and default mode.

Or core belief, whatever it may be – is triggered.  We then react – if we believe that we are unlucky for example, then all feelings, emotions would surface – relating to that core belief.

Identifying core beliefs

Mental checks – reveal to yourself your fears.  What are they? for example a fear of getting into deep, meaningful relationship may be due to the fear of abandonment.  So, you won’t get into a meaningful relationship, because as a child you didn’t feel loved, you felt abandoned, rejected and now this program is still running on the high.  This is your way of flying away from commitment, because, your core belief is “No one loves me, I am unloveable, no one wants me, they always leave anyway”.  Become aware of your core beliefs.  Write them down.

Mindfulness and Core Beliefs

Be mindful of your thoughts, feelings and your self talks.  The stories you tell yourself aren’t true, what you see is not real, this is the wounded 0-5 year old’s perspective, we are always seeing things from that child’s perspective, with fear, wanting to hide, fight or freeze when things happen.  Find your default mode.  Do you freeze, take flight or fight when something happens?


Journaling is so powerful, write your deepest fears, feelings, patterns in your journal.  Reveal the deepest, darkest parts of you in your writing, usually the core patterns comes out when we are writing about ourselves.

Breaking the Patterns

Now that you know why you do what you do, you need to break the patterns.  Change your perspective, the “truth” you have been telling yourself all these years are not truth at all.  They were wounds from the fearful child.  They were made when you were unconscious, now that you are conscious, keep changing your perspective, question all your belief systems, be aware of your default mode and change it.

Mindful Existence

Name your core beliefs i.e, ” I believe that I am not worthy of love” .

Rephrase your story – I used to believe that I was not worthy of love, now I am learning that I am loveable.

Forgive Yourself

These core beliefs were made when you were a baby.  You were unconscious, fearful.  Now you are an adult, in full control, in charge of your life, safety, security, you are safe now.  You can change your story, you have to.  Now, forgive yourself for what you weren’t aware of.

Wishing you a mindful life.

Kiran G

Mindfulness and its Benefits!

Mindfulness+Course information PDF



Hope you are doing well.

Well done for embarking on this journey! you have began an important task of looking after yourself (self love).  You are about to be empowered, beyond your imagination.

In this free eBook, you will find useful information about Mindfulness and its benefits.  This is a prelude to the course.  The course content is not in the eBook as this is for informational purposes only.

I am running courses in Mindfulness and Mindfulness techniques, to put my own experiences into service for those who are interested to benefit from.

Life of course is not easy, it has all its pits, downfalls, challenges, twists and turns and I am going to show you how to thrive in this uncertain world.  It’s very unpredictable times, where the world is purging itself of its darkness.

That’s where mindfulness comes in, these are tough times and all the more reason to manage the outward stimuli with even greater precision.  We have to be in great control of our life.  We have to be in great control of our mind, how it controls us, our thoughts, our feelings, our belief systems and eventually impacting our impulsive actions and as a result, our life.

This course is a powerful course that I have designed to help others become in control of themselves.  Please download the Mindfulness eBook and come to the course, I look forward to seeing you there.

Click the below link to download the eBook to your computer or handheld device.

Mindfulness+Course information PDF

You will learn:

Why mindfulness?  why are more and more people shifting towards being mindful?

How to take control of one’s mind and as a result control the body,  emotions and actions.

How to live a fulfilling life.

How to approach life in a positive way

How to let go of the past.

How to be mindful of our thoughts, feelings, actions, reactions, impulsive nature and become in control of our own life.

How to allow your mind to relax, heal itself, while you take full control of your life.

and so much more… I am looking forward to seeing you on the course.

If you would like to know more about me:

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Kiran G


An Appetite For Life!

I have an appetite for life, a life un-lived in the ascended vibrations of life, choosing what we want and how we live our life is the divine union with self.

It has been a long walk, a walk to total freedom.  A clearing of all the banks of memories; soul and cell memories, a clearing of life experiences that hasn’t been favourable, removal of certain energies, patterns, cycles, experiences, beings and existence that doesn’t allow light in.  When we take an inventory of our life, we unite with ourselves, this is the divine union with the self.

So, what is life? is it pre-destined? destined? not destined? do we have free will? or are we living a life filled with our subconscious clutter (of all times and spaces) our souls have lived  all its lives? are we choosing our experiences as we go? has it been chosen for us? have we chosen it before we came here? is a great force controlling us? Can we have a divine union with self?

Lots of questions to answer.  The answer, we’re having all these experiences all at once.  Life is a mixture of all the above. The sum of ALL.

Once we become in control of our own reality, we start shedding realities that is in control of us.  For example, controlling, abusive people, patterns, experiences, all are released for us to have a more positively controlled existence.   This is part of the process of the divine union with self.

When we choose what to align with, what not to align with, this is free will.  If we don’t choose, then, someone or something else will choose for us.  That’s when we lose all our powers, when we lose our powers, there cannot be the divine union with the self.

Life is powerful, for those who have powers.  When we’re consciously choosing every single person we hang out with, our career, our purpose, the people who surround us, the experiences that we can control – become even more powerful.

We mirror others, so be careful who you surround yourself with!  Over a period of time,  when we’re with others who aren’t like us, there’s an energy exchange, there is an identity mirroring that takes root in our subconscious minds. If there is abuse, then the energy is extorted by force, without consent, then eventually, we become them, sad, broken, filled with fear.

The people whom we spend  most time with, become the vibrations we absorb and emit.  We become what we’re surrounded by.  If we surround ourselves with those who are sad, angry and destructive, we absorb these vibes and become fear.  If we live with people filled with love, we become love.

A good part of living a good life is to clear our lives of those who drag us down with them.  Our purpose is to be happy, healthy and to live in beauty.  There is a force that works with the opposite energy.  Align with love and loving people, life blossoms in abundance.

Life is here

WE walk together, forever! Life is here!

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Kiran G

Healing The Sacred Feminine!


Yoni and Womb Love 

It’s been a while that the goddess was honoured.  Now that we’ve risen again, there is a lot of clearing, healing and purification to do.

All of us have had extreme traumas at some point on our sacred existence, in this or even past lives, the consciousness stores all these memories and replays it at different stages of our lives.  These traumas could have taken a lot of forms; such as constant put downs, sexual discrimination, gender discrimination, gender attacks, cultural or religious dogmas, superstition, shame or humiliation for being a woman/girl/girl child, women are stupid, stigmas on girl child, dowry, women as a lesser race, women as a weaker race, women as weakness, all manners of shame, humiliation for being a woman, woman as a property/belonging to a violent male, discrimination, women as a curse, women as an unaccepted race, sexual violence, sexual pain and suffering, women as a sexual object, slavery, sexual slavery, prostitution and so on…

There have been all manners of attacks on the divine feminine since the dark ages began.  Women weren’t always attacked as we are now.  In the past, women were seen as goddess, as the ones who were revered and we were in charge of politics and all systems, this was when matriarchy was in power.  This changed when patriarchy rose, the opposite happened, we were oppressed, suppressed and attacked.  After aeons of attacks and suppression, we have become dysfunctional, now that the divine feminine is rising again, we are failing to function well, as we still have a lot of traumas and memories of the old, in addition, we feel the pain of the feminine in the collective consciousness.

It doesn’t help to meet or remember a violent sexual partner/s or one who has come to destroy her powers.  A lot of powerful sacred goddess are coming face to face to violent males, from the past.  You need to stand up and defeat that violent energy.  Draw strong boundaries, remove all traces of their energy, purify yourself, Womb and Yoni. Then, forgive yourself and everyone involved.

Women are being attacked every single day, everywhere.  We are feared, our power are feared, although most of us are loving and healing, we bring the soft energy of motherhood, love and healing, the dysfunctional masculine is threatened and is destroying the woman.  This has been programmed in the collective consciousness, so we are really feeling all the pain that each goddess is going through.

Womb and Yoni healing is key to complete healing of the goddess.  For us to rise, we have to heal the Yoni and the womb, we have to clear, clean, purify the mind, body, heart and soul of the woman goddess. Womb and Yoni healing means the woman becomes whole again, the goddess energy returns, when one woman is healed and whole, many around her will heal too, the ancestors in her own roots will heal too, making that constellation that she lives in safe and protected for her and all the goddesses to live in.

Once the goddess is healed, all her pain goes away.  Then, the divine feminine can prosper.  The energy is clean and beautiful.  Only a divine masculine must be allowed near the goddess. Womb and Yoni healing is a method that releases all traumas, removes all pain and suffering whilst the feminine thrives in all areas of her life, anchoring the divine on this planet, serving the planet, all women, all divine masculine and herself!

I wish you divine womb and yoni healing.  Get in touch if you’d like to know more.

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Kiran G