Clearing Deficit Frequency From Your Life!

Watch what’s really going on in your life? who or what are you attracted to? may be more than attracted to? obsessed? codependent on?

Ah! I know! i’ve been there, I have the Tshirt to prove it, trust me. So, if you are still lingering around past people, past memories, people who have crumbs, are in total deficit, or are paupers, you may be stuck in your old ways.

Think when you were a child, what kind of frequency were you in? were you in the deficit frequency? are you still reliving this, subconsciously? Watch the people you are attracting and attracted to. Are they abundant? are you allowing yourself to be loved, to be filled with their love? or are you going back and forth like a pendulum trying to relive that poor past?
The child is still unhealed. Go look after that child, ash him/her why they are still living the deficit of the past. Ask the child to release that overdraft, that deficit, that massive loss, the total minus and come to the abundance, the beauty, the plus, the overfill, the places, people and situations that want to feed you, fill your cups, make your cups overflow with love and abundance. It’s YOUR time to overflow! Let that deficit go!

Cleared! Kiran G
New dimension
  1. The beginning
  2. The Inner Child Needs Love!
  3. Clearing, clearing, clearing and it is done.
  4. Divine has your back and always had your back.
  5. Unforgiveness is very costly!

My Podcasts, A Wealth of Information and Wisdom Here!

Some topics I cover are below: Podasts : Freedom From Pain.
Your feminine voice is needed now.

Rise and shine like the ball of the sun in the sky. Karma layers, levels and dimensions. Is it possible to be free from pain? Which tree are you, the love tree or the pain tree? Does evil exist? going against the grain of most spiritual people. I’m your greatest fan, I’m rooting for you, go slay some demons. Listen, do not keep yourself down anymore, it’s an order. Go now and shine, who cares about critics and loudmouths. You are sheer greatness, you are called into action now.
These are just a few of topics I cover. If you feel like connecting, make sure you listen, because your time is here!

The Void is Where You Manifest Your Masterpiece!

You are manifesting fast. Make sure you are in control of what you want in your life. If you are not very precise, then you will find you are manifesting what you aren’t very happy with.

Be precise, be like a laser beam, imagine all the details, write it down, imagine it, visualise it and see it manifest NOW!

What is it that you have been trying to manifest? Everything is within your grasp now, if things haven’t manifested yet, that’s because you weren’t fully ready and that you had to make adjustments and changes.

Now, you are ready for the big waters, the planets and frequencies have aligned, you have all the magick and mysteries inside of you and you’re rearing to go.

It’s a bit like when you’re in a very fast car, in a race, on the start line, you are pushing the accelerator, but you’re pushing the brake pedal and you are waiting for the GO signal.

It’s coming and this will be a high and fast ride, a fast one, where you are the fastest, best, greatest, with the most expensive race car, with all power boosters on, all the gadgets are installed, this car can fly, has all the bells and whistles and can do anything you want it to do.
Listen, you’re ready for this. Just a few more seconds of wait now. 3, 2, 1 … GOOOOO and you’re OFF!
Enjoy the ride!

Kiran G, Light One!
New dimension
  1. The beginning
  2. The Inner Child Needs Love!
  3. Clearing, clearing, clearing and it is done.
  4. Divine has your back and always had your back.
  5. Unforgiveness is very costly!

Starseeds Are Rising! Beware of Fake Divine Masculines/Feminines.

The rising is happening for all starseeds. The Universe has aligned miracles to free starseeds from evil prisons.
If you’ve been stuck in this dark cycle, stuck with someone really dark, who was sent to steal your life, then, you must free yourself from this curse.

This may be following you from past lives, old civilisations, where a lot of high priests, wizards were captured and destroyed.

Beware of false divine masculines and feminines, who are around you right now, they’ve been sent to destroy you and throw you off your mission.

They are stealing from you, your light, your power, your mission, they mimic you very well, they pass themselves as you, they copy you, that’s how they hide themselves. They pretend to be the divine feminine or the divine masculine, they say all the right things, but you know who they really are deep down.

They are agressive, violent, they are jealous of your power and light, they hate you inside, they have angry faces, they speak angrily, they disagree with everything you say or do, they are your opposite, they aren’t empathic, some even pretend to be healers, reiki masters, they have learnt the arts of magick and use it to suppress you, oppress you, attack your third eye, so you don’t see, they constantly throw spells, conjure dark forces to harm you, they throw psychic attacks at you because you manifest well and have a successful life, they are broken, in a dark dungeon, stuck and nothing they want shall be offered to them.

This is old karma due, this is judgment. What they really desire, want, dying for, will not be offered to them, they did this to you, now they want the same thing from the universe. Some separated you from your life, they stole your life, your powers, your divine love, now they want the same that they stole. They will not be given this, the universe has taken away everything they took away from you.

They are in a deep, dark place, nothing good is happening. Darkness is them, they are darkness, they are being shown who they really are. There is nothing good about them, they have worn the divine mask for so long, they don’t even know who they are. They think they are divine and now they are finding out who they really are, they have a bank of negative karma to work through and your time is here, your good karma has been activated. These are currently the most dangerous humans on this earth. They are very well cloaked, watch out starry ones, indigos, empaths, sun people, light people, earth people. What they took from you, you shall receive thirteen fold. This is how much they will lose.
Your time is here. Namaste Light ones!

Divine Plan Has No Suffering and Pain

The Divine Plan

How many times have you heard that your suffering is making you stronger, harder and is part of the divine plan? Probably every day, in most insta post?
What if I tell you that, that is not true. The plan has been hijacked by dark forces, they have corrupted our divine plan and will and made it their own. Most writings, wisdom, book is now under their control, unless you have removed all the programs and implants from yourself and are now free from the karmic wheel. I will talk about karma and its significance on the human existence at some point. Right now, I will talk about what is coming to me, from the divine creator himself/herself (there is no gender in the creator spirit), no polarity.
So, I want to free you from your pain and suffering, have you been conflicted all your life thinking whether to give the other cheek or fight the pedophiles, the rapist, the child molester, the demon spirit, who is totally distorted and twisted. Did you think that the divine made those spirits?
if so, were you taught that they were part of the divine plan and that there was no right, no wrong, that the ascended ones does not see duality, right or wrong, that everything on this earth is a school, teaching us something divine and how we are becoming strong and must thank that path that we have walked and thank the lessons and challenges for making us so strong?
well, you have been had, by probably the best of teachers on this earth. I have seen great teachers, ascended and enlightened and teaching this philosophy, that, there is no right, no wrong, that the worst of the worst is part of the divine plan.
How could that be? the divine would not even hurt anyone, how can a child be harmed and be called karma or there was something in that child that deserved it (in some teachings), making it right that the suffering was deserved.
I will talk about Karma soon, what it is, how it was designed to command and control and how we can remove karma. This is a dispensation for those who had no karma to begin with. I cannot teach it openly as I know these can be used to harm, hurt and manipulate others (by dark ones).
Divine people, your time has come, to stand up, break the shackles of controlling belief systems, enslaving rules and wisdom, that has been at times unwittingly passed on by well meaning teachers.
Divine will not harm you, does not have lessons after lessons after lessons to “teach” you, for your “own good”, this is from the dark, evil ones. If your life is bad right now, this has nothing to do with learning lessons, I must admit, I bought into the karma wheel, karmic burden shite too, I also believed that my pain was part of my divine life purpose, but that is what everyone is taught. This is a plug, an implant, a program.
Divine is here to teach us love, beauty, peace and harmony. This earth was taken over by evil forces a long time ago, now we fight back to take it back. With truth, force and divine power. It cannot be done any other way.
Those who have a pure heart will rise now. Those who have harmed others, been greedy, controlling, enslaving of others, will have to fall. Have faith, your time is here.
Lightwarrior Kiran

You Are A Divine Creator With A Divine Life Purpose!

Things have been tough for those who carry the light. If you are a light carrier, you have been through it all and you’re still here! Bravo!
OK, there will be time when I will sound Cryptic, but know this, I cannot divulge all the information here, we have to keep secrets, only those who need to know will know! As I will have downloads in these messages for you.
So, in the past, I had been giving information openly, it was used against us. You can imagine, I trained someone, who used it to do bad things to humans. So, this haunted me for a long time. I used to give out information in detail, but, since then, I have realised the dark is going to use the information to learn from us, ascend to a high level and use it against us.
Sorry to sound so cryptic, but we are fighting evil here. They are very cunning, they will use good people to get all information and metaphysical knowledge to use it against the good people of this earth. Let’s say, we have learnt from them to keep top secret info.

I am a light warrrior. It means I fight the evil ones. That’s what it means. I know, some of you may think that “they” are part of the divine plan too, oh, but you are so wrong. They are NOT of the divine plan.
The knowledge has been hijacked, corrupted, controlled, invaded and colonised. The betrayal goes all the way to the 11th dimension.
We’re fighting some magicians, who are at high levels, they have corrupted everything, every path, teaching, religion, spiritual body, teacher and guru on this earth.
So, we have to divulge information as downloads and in cryptic ways, but, you will find the info at the right time. If you are here, you are going to be freed from them.
I will explain more, you just have to be patient. I am here to work for the ascension of humanity, I have nothing to gain, I just want to see this world, this universe and all other universes that have been taken over by the dark ones, become free and I mean business.
So, who are light warriors of this earth. We are here to protect the sacred information, the sacred earth and to free humans from slavery. It has been too long, millions of years in slavery, mind control and torture. Now it’s time to free the earth, humans and all the earth’s inhabitants.
Light warriors are equipped to move in time and space, to free people, dimensions, places and eventually the earth. Light warriors are high level magi. Light warriors do not use dark magic, light warriors have become warriors because they taught the dark ones trying to rehabilitate them, trying to change them, heal them, teach them, but to no avail. Dark ones have not changed and the plan has been to remove them from this earth now.
Time has come and light warriors have been given the powers to remove those who do not come with clean hands, those who are criminals, perpetrators, destroyers, enslavers of the human race.
A lot of starseeds have undertaken the job of lightwarriors. There is a difference between lightworkers and lightwarriors. Lightworkers work with energy, are softer in their vibration and are here to heal the world.
Lightwarriors are more fierce. They loathe injustice, harm to others, harm to the planet, greed, destruction of the planet and to others.
If you’re naive, you still think that the dark is part of light and the yin in the yang.
You probably also believe that suffering is part of the divine plan? you have been conned. Divine has no plan to control, to harm, to hurt, to enslave. The divine has no plan for you to learn through pain and suffering. You are in pain and suffering because you have been conned to believe that darkness is part of the divine plan.
Let’s face it, a lot of great gurus, enlightened souls on this planet are saying this stuff, so why should we not believe it?
They have been conned, big time, through religious beliefs, old, manuscripts and scrolls, that have been infiltrated by the dark agenda.
So, what is this world? who is controlling it? This was a divine world, created by the prime creator and has been taken over by evil, millions of years ago.
Who is controlling the world? the evil, dark ones. They have been given lots and lots of chances to redeem themselves, to change, lightworkers came to heal them, educate them, given them a chance to change, but they chose the dark agenda.
So, then the prime creator had to change plans. Remember, we have been stuck here for millions of years, we have no way of leaving, because there are barriers to stop us leaving or coming in.
Today, I want to tell you, do not be confused anymore, the divine plan does not include pain and suffering. Hold on, if you’re here and you are light, you will have protection ^^^
Know that there are great plans to help divine healers, truth tellers, divine hearts, come with clean hands, the prime creator asks that we come with clean hands and pure hearts and we should all be in divine hands.

Here, you will find a lot of ways, information to ascend higher, I try not to give out info that can be used by the wrong people to do harm. It has happened to me before, I used to teach all kinds of metaphysical teachings, openly, it was used by someone to harm myself and other divine hearts.
SO, now I give information in downloads and to those who come with clean hands and pure hearts.
I want you to know that divine is here, divine is real, do not lose hope, we the lightwarriors are here to help, we do not take rubbish, we are ruthless with the dark ones. We have had to evolve and become tough, this world is ready to be cleared. If you are ready, join force and let’s do this, together.
Kiran G

Lightwarriors are here

Unburdening From The Old!

UIMG_0094nburdening from all things old and worn out, stories that do not belong to you, but you still carry, old ways, old patterns, inherited through bloodlines, self defeating self talks, losses of disproportionate value and size – all these weigh us down to our knees.

The past has a lot of influence over us, the past – carries a lot of weight, why can’t we move on from the past, because that’s where all the information resides.  Our stories, our ancestors’ stories collectively), past lives (if you believe in it), the soul’s history, since energy does not die, our soul goes on to live in different dimensions.

When we become burdened with the pain and suffering of our collective ancetral past, then the unberable pain and suffering is felt in the collective ancestral body, mind and soul. After a long time of pain and suffering, histories of bad treatment, wars, invasions, slavery, deceit, the collective is ready to deal with the history of pain.

The collective is purging the incessant landfill of pain and suffering, we are ready to clean, clear, purge, heal and detoxify.  We are ready to make right the wrongs of the past.  Karma (actions) are being cleared, transmuted, healed and we have come forward as volunteers of light, to do this.

The world is releasing a lot of trauma, see how all that was hidden once is coming to light, masks are falling, everything concealed is being shown to us, collectively we are being shown the truth.  Masters of deceit are being revealed, all that is not clean, are being shown to us.

art the6


If we have chosen the path of light and healing, this choice is being held in high energetic healing, we are being protected, but a lot has to be righted, cleaned, forgiven, purged before we can move on.

The volunteers of light are undertaking a lot on their shoulders, some are clearing the whole family systems, collective ancestors, the past, past lives of ancestors and their own, they are healing their own bodies, minds, hearts and souls, they are speaking and clearing the collective consciousness as well.  These beings have come with great Karma (actions), their path is one of great responsibility.  They feel this responsibility on their shoulders, they get scared of the immensity of their task, the burden feels defeating and crushes on their soul heavily.

But, fear not, this is not a burden, but a freedom to be felt, remove the fear and stop seeing this as a burden, remove the energetic burden from yourselves.  See it as a freedom to be shared with the masses.  Speak, teach, heal, go forth and prosper.

Choose the light path, the light people, good friends who will nourish you, fill your vessel with love, get out of enslaving relationships, these are co-dependent relationships that keeps you in bind.  Break the old spells of the dark ones.



Unburden yourself from all the energies that crush you down with demands, clear your chakras, release those pain to where they come from.  You will feel like a landfill, where everyone came to dump on you, you are highly senstive, people will hook you, tag you, plug you, to take your light and life force.  Clear yourself from everything and everyone.

That’s when you will feel the best of you come out to play.  Have strong boundaries, you do not have to take everything that others throw on you,energetically, you have been collecting other people’s pain and suffering, they unburdened themselves onto you, they found the lottery jackpot when they met you, you agreed (on a subconscious level) to take all their horror, pain and suffering and they became free of that pain, where you carried it from lifetimes, to lifetimes.

Are you ready to drop all of these burdens?

Complete forgiveness_04(2)

Just have the intention of dropping all the burdens that you have been carrying, release what’s not yours.  Allow others to carry their own load, that’s when they will learn their lessons.  Do not fear their lessons, you have to only take responsibility of what you have to learn and do.  Other poeple’s lessons are their own.  Even though you may have thought you were helping them, you were only delaying and hindering their growth.

In relationships, we make pacts, we unknowingly agree to a whole host of things through loyalty and love.  We do this out of love, wanting to help and save others.  Not wanting to see them suffer, we do a lot of things to fix, save, mend others.  Whilst, we can offer other kind of help, taking other people’s pain, suffering, load or burdens do not help either of us.

Drop that burden, allow everything to learn from their own mistakes, pain and suffering.  Do what you need to do, teach with the highest integrity and leave the rest.  Do not fear your own voice, your own existence, your own speech.  It is powerful and you sow the seed of healing in everyone who hears you talk,  read your writing, feel your hug, see your light, touch your energetic field, smell your existence.  They become whole just by being around you.  You are an amazingly, poweruful being of great light.

You are a power generator, your existence on this earth is wanted, this world has been waiting for you to arrive and you HAVE!  Now is your time to shine, go forth and prosper.

Great light is emanating from you, your tribe is here already.

A long awaited reveal, coming into light, defeating the dark forces, revealing yourself to the world.

Coming into full light, end of trials and tribulations, end of pain and suffering, end of victim-attitude, you’re a new person, full of light, powers and force.

Kiran G