You’re Moving To Calmer Waters!

You’re tired of old patterns manifesting itself in your life. You’re ready to let go of that old pattern, cycles of pain and suffering.
Something came to show you all your addictions, obsessions, pain, suffering, patterns so you can release them.
Don’t worry everyone is addicted to something or some kind of pattern. It could be an obsession with drama, pain and suffering, with strong emotional bonds, with those who are unpredictable and chaotic.
Addictions come in many forms, it does not necessarily mean substance or chemical addiction, although this is also part of the addiction traumas. This addiction is to uncertainty, chaos, emotional unpredictability, deep pain and suffering, because that could have been our modus operandi when we were a child.
Now, you have healed your addictions or close to healing them completely. This new situation that bowled you over taught you a lot, it showed you a mirror of light, it brought you back to yourself and you learnt valuable lessons about yourself.
You have healed those patterns in yourself and are ready to move on to calmer waters, all the abundance are waiting for you there, look at the tree full of gold and golden coins. You are ready for all of these to come to you, just open your arm to receive. Much love to you on your journey!

Star One! Kiran G

Age of Enlightenment!

Light is pouring in, hard and fast. Dark structures are falling apart. Those with bad intent are being dissolved, those with destructive actions are being obliterated from this earth.
The dark forces have controlled this earth for too long, they have tortured humanity, they have spread hatred amongst humanity against each other, through race, religion, background and skin colours. Everything has been used to divide and separate the human race into factions until it splintered away into smithereens of nothingness.
2020: the time when humanity awakens to the tyranny of control and oppression under the guise of divine light. A lot of dark forces are passing themselves as light, they infiltrate groups, places of worship, healing circles, pose as healers, lightworkers, shamans but are actually working for the dark agenda.
I met the darkest entity in 2009, when he posed as a healer, citing “love is my religion” every two minutes, learning about healing and shamanic practices to “heal” people, when really he was a dark entity, taking everything from those he met. The worst kind of person I have ever met, evil is the right word for him.
On the surface, he looked like he was the most light-filled person, underneath was a monstrosity, who cursed everyone who touched his path. Ruthless, destructive, riddled with issues and dis-eases, who was looking for healing from me. Of course, I was naive and fell into the trap, the mask was good, but then soon, it became apparent, that this person was no good, was using and abusing people, was not healing but actually, harming people under the guise of a healer, the worst of the worst kind that I have ever met.
Of course, nothing was going right into the person’s life, nothing. Home repossessed, broken relationships, no money, had plenty of accidents – life was giving him a fair share of karma (well, what we sow, we reap!)
Over the past few years, I realised who this person was and wanted nothing to do with him and then started the dark psychic attacks, spiritual attacks, mental telepathic attacks, dark occult use of energy to attack me!
That’s right. For some years I was very tolerant, because I believed in harm no one. But, this was taken as a weakness on my part. These attacks continued for many years, but, this entity was not strong enough or clever enough to attack me. It was like a fly annoying me, after all, I was the teacher who initiated him into so many courses and modalities of healing. He did not know he was dealing with his master. I am not divine people’s master, but dark forces’ master. For sure!
One day, I decided enough was enough and I decided to fight this monstrosity to defeat. It did not take long honestly, because I knew what I had to do with him. Remember, no one can defeat a light warrior. These souls have sold themselves a long time ago and are the fighter of evil forces, their knights, they are not that powerful, they may go into higher dimensions, but the divine is limitless, they are limited.
So, I want you the light ones to know, the age of enlightenment is here, darkness may have tortured you for a while, but they cannot defeat you, you are made of another material, they don’t know what we are made of, of something indestructible, they learn from us, the light ones and use our teachings against us, but we have learnt from them too, now we are using their platforms, teachings and lessons against them.
The divine has upgraded itself, from being too nice, to fighters of just causes, we believe in peace, freedom, justice, oneness, harmony, but we innerstand, these will not be achieved without a spiritual war. We are not waiting anymore for them to be rehabilitated, we have been conned for too long. Divine warriors are here, but we need each light warrior to take their place, in this spiritual fight, information manipulation, energetic oppression, humanity is under siege from dark forces that are ruling this planet. But, the victory of light is imminent. Have no doubt about it. We are clearing the dark forces from this earth and this universe.
Take your place and be counted.
Kiran G

Highest Vibes To You!

Divine Justice Is Being Done!

The court is in session and this time we win. Who is we? the Divine.
You may say well, that’s not going to happen. Well, it is. Happening. Right. Now.
Lightwarriors are doing their work. Having learnt the arts, they are now taking back power and control. Lightwarriors have to come with clean hands and pure hearts and these warriors cannot be defeated.
Lightwarriors have been out of action for a long time, because they did not want to hurt or harm, because that was not the plan of the divine creator.
The lightwarriors were destroyed, because they would not harm anyone, no matter how much they were harmed, tortured, abused. The dark knew this and propered for this long.
Now, things have changed and lightwarriors are ready to remove, obliterate, dissolve darkness. Darkness should be scared, very scared.
Lightwarriors are ready and are taking positions on this earth, we are unstoppable.
If you are a lightworker or a lightwarrrior, have faith, help is here.
Come with clean hands and pure heart. You shall be victorious.
Here are some lightcodes for you.
Look at the image and receive.
Light to you>>>

Your Happiness is Your Responsibility!

If we give too much importance to others and how they treat us, how we are a victim of circumstances, a victim of others, then we will always be a victim of others.

What will it take for us to take our own life into our own hands? our happiness into our own hands? What will take to take back ALL our powers? to realise that we have always been enough, that others do not need to validate us, our happiness now – do not lie in others’ hands, actions or inactions.

If you have felt neglected, abandoned at some point in your life, you were being reminded that YOU have neglected and abandoned your own self.  There is no greater thing than self love, it is complete love, when you feel the self love, you will feel the immense power you have, then it will not matter if you didn’t have a good life so far, if it was filled with pain and suffering, if your childhood was a really bad one, if you didn’t feel loved, or were abused by someone whom you trusted, if you weren’t protected by your parents, if your life was upside down.

What matters is that when we love ourself to the point of saying, ” I will not tolerate anyone, anything that abuses me, disrespects me, who does not honour me as much as I do, I will remove anyone from my life, if I don’t feel the level of honour and respect I have for myself” – and then follow up, give yourself that honour, that love, that respect that you have always wanted, waited for, once you have that for yourself, your energy will change and you will become ruthless in the way that you allow people to deal with you.

Once we begin to honour ourself, the world changes, the world aligns to bring more of the same vibration that we have been aligning with, all one-sided relations fall away, takers are dissolved, evil monsters cannot connect with us anymore, we become so elevated, that our energy repels those who do not align with us, friendships break, karmic relationships fall away, karma is cleared, pain and suffering dissolve, we see the truth about everything, we become very good at gaging situations and people.

It is important that we heal our wounds of the past and in childhood, so we have a good life.  Healing our past will bring up a lot of traumas, related to our childhood, our upbringing, particularly when we were in the womb and when we were between the ages of 0-7 years of age.  These remain in our subconscious all our lives, it is these experiences that mould our adulthood and our experiences.  We keep on reliving our childhood experiences all our life.


If our childhood was filled with trauma and dysfunction, then our adult life mirrors that, that’s why people who have an abusive childhood have an abusive adulthood.  We relive our childhood experiences over and over and over again, until we reveal to ourself that we need to get our of this cycle and take responsibility for our actions in the present.

It’s not our fault what happened in the past, particularly when we were children, but when we are adult, we must take responsibility for our life, our happiness and all of our decisions, staying stuck in the past, blaming others for our failure is not taking responsibility for our own life.

Taking responsibility means taking our powers back, stop blaming the past (and people in it) for our failures, heal ourselves and move on from a painful past to a beautiful present, a lot of work is needed for this, but it is possible to have a beautiful life filled with love once we take responsibility of our own life, wellbeing and happiness.

There are many ways to heal the self, to reach the point of self love, forgiveness, unconditional love and compassion for those who have harmed us.  By seeing them as beings who had too much pain, who did not know how to live life, how to make their own life better, how to love others, their way of showing love was to control, enslave, possess what they felt was theirs, they did not know freedom, but have always been caged, how to take responsibility for their own happiness and wellbeing, by having strong boundaries, by saying no, by standing up for themself and by honouring themself.


Those who control and enslave others into relationships of enslavement are not happy for themself, being themself, they will pass on their pain and suffering to others through abuse, psychological, spiritual, emotional, physical, psychic/mental abuse and control.  That’s all they know and are used to.  They have been doing this forever and they are not able to change.  These people lose a lot because they do have a lot of loving people in their lives, but because of their enslavement of those around them, they end up alone and rejected.

No one wants those who control, enslave, abuse others, so – they tend to end up totally alone and their cycle of abuse, resentment, hatred continue for those beings.  They don’t want to break the cycle and habits they have become so accustomed to.  After all, owning other people’s powers is such a boost of power for the self isn’t it?  they don’t want to do the hard work of looking at their own source of pain and suffering, to unveil the truth about their ways and start the healing, so, we have to move on, without them, to make sure that we are healthy, happy, heal in a safe place without those who control, manipulate, harm and abuse.

Once we reach that level of self love, we have taken responsibility of our own happiness.

May those who are lost find their way.

Kiran G

Now It’s Time To Come Forward. You Have Waited In The Background Forever!

Life has been hard, you’ve had a lot of tough lessons, which seemed unending, you have wanted the lessons to end, it felt like it was an endless loop of lessons, that you were being punished for something which wasn’t even your fault. If you have felt this world was mad, crazy, that it could not be possible that you were in this monstrous world, well, you were right AND you were wrong at the same time.  You didn’t want anything to do with this mad world, this world seemed alien to you, you couldn’t believe that you actually are here, living in a 3D world, with all these crazy people, things and politics.

Come forward into the light and shine. It's your time, you have arrived.

Come forward and shine bright. It’s time to showcase yourself.

Well, there was a purpose to your invisibility.  You chose to be invisible, to be in the background, to never be noticed.  You were learning about this world.  You have been here a long time ( reincarnation) and this is the life that you take all your powers back.

So you did take all your powers back.  You defeated monstrosities, monstrous people who passed as friends or relations, in the background, you did a lot of “lightwork”.  You worked hard at releasing all the evil that plagued you, your life and your ancestors.  You were the lighthouse of the family, you purged lifetimes of evil and horror through your crystalline self, as a power generator, you emitted strong super powerful energies to release the pain and suffering of your entire ancestral bloodline.  You also healed a lot of pain in your star line.

Being in the background, invisible, you had a purpose.  Your purpose was to emit so much light, that you alone could move a vast number of people that you come into contact with.

In your invisible stages of life, living in the background served you as this was the time to innerstand, to gather information, to watch, to gather knowlegde and wisdom, to purge the old, return what’s not yours, heal yourself, your family and your ancestors.

You have been doing ALL of that in the background, on top of the pain and suffering, you have been doing your creative heART stuff, you have created your won beautiful world of peace, love and beauty.  You are now ready to fully come forward and reveal yourself to the world, as you’re ready to help the world with your wisdom and knowledge now.

Are you going to accept the call?  Come forward and shine your light on this world?

Now is the time!


Kiran G