You’re Moving To Calmer Waters!

You’re tired of old patterns manifesting itself in your life. You’re ready to let go of that old pattern, cycles of pain and suffering.
Something came to show you all your addictions, obsessions, pain, suffering, patterns so you can release them.
Don’t worry everyone is addicted to something or some kind of pattern. It could be an obsession with drama, pain and suffering, with strong emotional bonds, with those who are unpredictable and chaotic.
Addictions come in many forms, it does not necessarily mean substance or chemical addiction, although this is also part of the addiction traumas. This addiction is to uncertainty, chaos, emotional unpredictability, deep pain and suffering, because that could have been our modus operandi when we were a child.
Now, you have healed your addictions or close to healing them completely. This new situation that bowled you over taught you a lot, it showed you a mirror of light, it brought you back to yourself and you learnt valuable lessons about yourself.
You have healed those patterns in yourself and are ready to move on to calmer waters, all the abundance are waiting for you there, look at the tree full of gold and golden coins. You are ready for all of these to come to you, just open your arm to receive. Much love to you on your journey!

Star One! Kiran G

Speak Your Truth. Stand With The Truth!

Right now, we’re all being called to stand with justice, fairness, truth and freedom. To stand with what frees us all, not a few, but us all. If one suffers, we all suffer.
Freedom is about equality, fairness, justice, truth and freedom. It does not favour a few over the majority, it is about all these for all.
Be careful that you stand for something that is oppressive, suppressive, takes away people’s rights, civil liberties and favours tyranny.
work for freedom, justice and truth. The heart knows when it sees it. Bad Karma is being apportioned right now, it is finding its rightful owner.
In the past, Karma was used in the wrong way, it was used to hurt, harm, oppress and suppress, now this is being made right.
Presently, we are being called to make clean, moral, equitable choices, we’re being called to come together as one human race and defeat those who have bad intentions.
The time is now.
Kiran G

Age of Enlightenment!

Light is pouring in, hard and fast. Dark structures are falling apart. Those with bad intent are being dissolved, those with destructive actions are being obliterated from this earth.
The dark forces have controlled this earth for too long, they have tortured humanity, they have spread hatred amongst humanity against each other, through race, religion, background and skin colours. Everything has been used to divide and separate the human race into factions until it splintered away into smithereens of nothingness.
2020: the time when humanity awakens to the tyranny of control and oppression under the guise of divine light. A lot of dark forces are passing themselves as light, they infiltrate groups, places of worship, healing circles, pose as healers, lightworkers, shamans but are actually working for the dark agenda.
I met the darkest entity in 2009, when he posed as a healer, citing “love is my religion” every two minutes, learning about healing and shamanic practices to “heal” people, when really he was a dark entity, taking everything from those he met. The worst kind of person I have ever met, evil is the right word for him.
On the surface, he looked like he was the most light-filled person, underneath was a monstrosity, who cursed everyone who touched his path. Ruthless, destructive, riddled with issues and dis-eases, who was looking for healing from me. Of course, I was naive and fell into the trap, the mask was good, but then soon, it became apparent, that this person was no good, was using and abusing people, was not healing but actually, harming people under the guise of a healer, the worst of the worst kind that I have ever met.
Of course, nothing was going right into the person’s life, nothing. Home repossessed, broken relationships, no money, had plenty of accidents – life was giving him a fair share of karma (well, what we sow, we reap!)
Over the past few years, I realised who this person was and wanted nothing to do with him and then started the dark psychic attacks, spiritual attacks, mental telepathic attacks, dark occult use of energy to attack me!
That’s right. For some years I was very tolerant, because I believed in harm no one. But, this was taken as a weakness on my part. These attacks continued for many years, but, this entity was not strong enough or clever enough to attack me. It was like a fly annoying me, after all, I was the teacher who initiated him into so many courses and modalities of healing. He did not know he was dealing with his master. I am not divine people’s master, but dark forces’ master. For sure!
One day, I decided enough was enough and I decided to fight this monstrosity to defeat. It did not take long honestly, because I knew what I had to do with him. Remember, no one can defeat a light warrior. These souls have sold themselves a long time ago and are the fighter of evil forces, their knights, they are not that powerful, they may go into higher dimensions, but the divine is limitless, they are limited.
So, I want you the light ones to know, the age of enlightenment is here, darkness may have tortured you for a while, but they cannot defeat you, you are made of another material, they don’t know what we are made of, of something indestructible, they learn from us, the light ones and use our teachings against us, but we have learnt from them too, now we are using their platforms, teachings and lessons against them.
The divine has upgraded itself, from being too nice, to fighters of just causes, we believe in peace, freedom, justice, oneness, harmony, but we innerstand, these will not be achieved without a spiritual war. We are not waiting anymore for them to be rehabilitated, we have been conned for too long. Divine warriors are here, but we need each light warrior to take their place, in this spiritual fight, information manipulation, energetic oppression, humanity is under siege from dark forces that are ruling this planet. But, the victory of light is imminent. Have no doubt about it. We are clearing the dark forces from this earth and this universe.
Take your place and be counted.
Kiran G

Highest Vibes To You!

Divine Plan Has No Suffering and Pain

The Divine Plan

How many times have you heard that your suffering is making you stronger, harder and is part of the divine plan? Probably every day, in most insta post?
What if I tell you that, that is not true. The plan has been hijacked by dark forces, they have corrupted our divine plan and will and made it their own. Most writings, wisdom, book is now under their control, unless you have removed all the programs and implants from yourself and are now free from the karmic wheel. I will talk about karma and its significance on the human existence at some point. Right now, I will talk about what is coming to me, from the divine creator himself/herself (there is no gender in the creator spirit), no polarity.
So, I want to free you from your pain and suffering, have you been conflicted all your life thinking whether to give the other cheek or fight the pedophiles, the rapist, the child molester, the demon spirit, who is totally distorted and twisted. Did you think that the divine made those spirits?
if so, were you taught that they were part of the divine plan and that there was no right, no wrong, that the ascended ones does not see duality, right or wrong, that everything on this earth is a school, teaching us something divine and how we are becoming strong and must thank that path that we have walked and thank the lessons and challenges for making us so strong?
well, you have been had, by probably the best of teachers on this earth. I have seen great teachers, ascended and enlightened and teaching this philosophy, that, there is no right, no wrong, that the worst of the worst is part of the divine plan.
How could that be? the divine would not even hurt anyone, how can a child be harmed and be called karma or there was something in that child that deserved it (in some teachings), making it right that the suffering was deserved.
I will talk about Karma soon, what it is, how it was designed to command and control and how we can remove karma. This is a dispensation for those who had no karma to begin with. I cannot teach it openly as I know these can be used to harm, hurt and manipulate others (by dark ones).
Divine people, your time has come, to stand up, break the shackles of controlling belief systems, enslaving rules and wisdom, that has been at times unwittingly passed on by well meaning teachers.
Divine will not harm you, does not have lessons after lessons after lessons to “teach” you, for your “own good”, this is from the dark, evil ones. If your life is bad right now, this has nothing to do with learning lessons, I must admit, I bought into the karma wheel, karmic burden shite too, I also believed that my pain was part of my divine life purpose, but that is what everyone is taught. This is a plug, an implant, a program.
Divine is here to teach us love, beauty, peace and harmony. This earth was taken over by evil forces a long time ago, now we fight back to take it back. With truth, force and divine power. It cannot be done any other way.
Those who have a pure heart will rise now. Those who have harmed others, been greedy, controlling, enslaving of others, will have to fall. Have faith, your time is here.
Lightwarrior Kiran

Blame No One – Take Responsibility For Yourself!

Have you fallen into the trap of blaming others for the misery that befall you? things that continue to happen now, is in your hands.  You always have a choice.  I am of course referring to things and situations that we are able to change and are within OUR powers to change.

I am referring to circumstances that we are able to change, such as; leaving a toxic situation, healing our hearts from trauma, taking control of our emotions, becoming in charge of our lives, stop complaining, stop being the perpetual victim, heal the patterns of the past, standing up for ourselves, moving onto a new perspective, dimension, removing toxic people from our lives and so on.

There are many layers, levels, dimensions to pain and suffering.

If we remain somewhere or in a situation that we are able to control and we aren’t taking action, then we have to take responsibility for our action/inaction.  Become in control of your life, of your mind, if you are stuck in a toxic pattern, let me show you the way to free yourself.

Here at Golden Sun Academy, I have written a few books on healing the self, healing the self with love, healing the mind, body, spirit, especially the emotions.  I have also given some speeches, spoke at some seminars on how to be in control of the mind.

Most people on this earth are unconscious – they are walking, talking from the unconscious self, to become conscious of ourselves, we have to take a few steps and this is exactly what I teach, how to become conscious about everything in life.

By becoming conscious and in control of our minds, we become super-powers of focused laser-minds.  We can focus our attention to something and things manifest.  Most people are born and die in the unconscious mode.  This is what buddhist/hindu monks/priests have known for eternity.

If you would like to learn how to become a bank of super powers, get in touch.

More places to find me.

Kiran G

Mindfulness Techniques – Naming Your Emotions!

Art_30Mindfulness is becoming mainstream currently and there are very good reasons for it.  I have been teaching Mindfulness for a little while now and it has become very clear that it is super POWERFUL.

In a short amount of time, it has become clear that mindfulness courses are powerful, these are designed to deal with psychology, meeting east with west, it’s a powerful new way to bring east to the west.  Mindfulness has its roots in Buddhism, buddhist practices centre around being mindful of everything, there are lot of meditations, breathing techniques, being mindful of our thoughts, emotions and so many other techniques that when we put these into practice, it is clear that over a short period of time, our life can change.

On a very deep level, Mindfulness can change the way we think, feel and behave to outside stimuli.  People will always come into our lives, they will always do and day what they want to do and say.  A lot of things are not within our control.

However, when we realise that what WE do, say, feel, act upon are within our own control and no one else’s, then we become empowered.  We become empowered when we have our mind under our control.  The mind is designed in a certain way, that from the time we are born, if it has not been programmed ( which it never is), it can be chaotic and make us its slave.  We are the slave of our mind, we do what it tells us to do, what it wants to do, when it wants to do, we are not in control of it.  Until, we become mindful that is.

Mindfulness courses are so powerful, that it is changing how people think, feel, behave and as a result how they act towards others.  When we are able to bring under control our mind, we are able to control a lot of elements in our lives.  For example, when we are in control of our emotions, we can use it to propel us into the world of order.  Emotions can be used in a positive way, it can be used as energy to create what’s to come.  We can use the strong emotional energy to do great things in life, that’s when we know how to be in control of our emotions.

To be in control of our emotions, we have to be aware of them, to be aware of them, we have to observe them, to observe them, we have to be powerful enough to detach from them.  When we say ” I feel sad”, we have connected to the feeling, the brain sends messages to the mind to act, the body works to release all the hormones and substances to honour this command from the self.  So, when we say something like ” I feel sad”, we are giving commands to the brain to act, the nervous system gets into action, sending messages to the body to act swiftly, in releasing all kinds of chemicals in our body to honour this wish of ” I feel sad”.

If we turn this on its head, we detach from the feelings, we still have it inside of us, but we do not attch to it, we may say something like:  “I notice there is a feeling of sadness inside of me” or ” this is sadness”, then we disconnect to the feelings, the brain does not act, it did not get the signal to act and it does not.  So, then after a little while the sadness, dissipates.  Naming our emotions is a good way to take inventory of our feelings, we become in charge of the feelings, we become aware of it, we take charge of our feelings fully, we take full responsibility.

With time, what happens is that we won’t have those strong feelings anymore.  If we do, it will dissolve fast, leaving us a lot of energy to do all the great things we need to do, to live a mindful life.  When we become aware of each of our emotion, we taking an inventory of our feelings, this in turn makes us aware of how we feel all the time, we become empowered to change ourselves.

So, next time you feel overwhelmed by your feelings, try labelling them as someone who is observing them, like someone from outside looking in.  Like you see someone else feeling those feelings, what this does, it helps us feel those feelings, not repress them, own them, but also being very in charge of them.

Try this instead, when feeling anything – name them as an observer:

For example – try this – “This is pain, this is anger, this is resentment, this is shame, rage, guilt, frustration, unforgiveness, hatred etc …”

Name them as an observer, never owning these feelings, notice them, feel them, they will soon dissolve.  This makes us aware of what is lurking inside of us, without repressing, oppressing those feelings, owning them, giving them due time, seeing them, respecting them, not judging those feelings but at the same time, removing the extreme charge out of it. By depersonalising our feelings, we are able to be in control of them, they do not become destructive, they heal faster.

It is when we repress feelings/emotions that all chaos takes place within us.  Not when we are mindful of them.

This behaviour of being in charge of our emotions, over a long period of time helps to gain control over our feelings fully, entirely and completely.  We become master of our lives, we become super powerful, we become a master of the self.

Go on, start naming your feelings as someone observing yourself – name every one of them, see how you become in charge and in control of them. Your life will become so peaceful, when you become in charge of your feelings and emotions.

To your health and growth.

Kiran G

Happy Inner Child!

Divine child - divine source

The inner child has the divine as her source

All the child wants is love, love and more love.  Is this kind of love attainable on this earth? from earthly mothers?  in this day and age, it seems humans do not know how to love.  Love is equated with possession, abuse, control and all kinds of possessiveness that is being justified as love by everyone involved in these relationships.

A mother who controls her child to the extent of not allowing the child to be herself, himself, may justify it as love and discipline.

Our earthly values taught us that jealousy in a relationship means love and part of romance.  That someone who loves us should be jealous and possessive.

These values also taught us that possessiveness means love – the more someone loves us, the more possessive they can become and it’s acceptable for a man or woman to be possessive, own their prize of “love”.  Love has been misnamed, love doesn’t hurt, love heals, frees the spirit, allows total freedom to the spirit, love does not possess, but fear does.

When we are a child, we look to our parents for our own model to mould our own life.  If our parents were not very balanced, then we become unbalanced too.  When in the womb, how did our mother feel? were they happy of our arrival? of our existence? of us adding to their beautiful world or adding to their misery?

When we were in the womb, what seed was planted? seed of love or fear?  this will reflect our life onwards.  If our life is good, we attract good men/women/partners/friendships, then they have done a good job of loving us, honouring us, teaching us strong boundaries, setting us free to learn, make mistakes, choose our own life and how to live it.  If not, the likelihood is that, we continue to make bad choices which take us back to destruction/fear/pain and suffering.

The good news is, whatever our life is right now, know that from now, this point on – we can make the change, if we are devoted to our own cause – self love, self honour, self worth, self mastery.  This can change everything, honouring the self gives us everything we need, once we start to honour the self, we can go back to the past and heal it.

Once we start to honour the self, we will see that the past holds all of the secrets, a lot of it when we were not even aware of ourselves, i.e, when we were in the womb, or age between 0-7 years, that’s when the foundation were set for us.  If we had a bad childhood, bad start, we can change it for us in the present.  Heal the childhood, give ourself space to feel the grief, the pain or failure of our parents/family members, know that they had a lot of traumas too, which goes back generations to ancestors of the past.

The traumas and pain we feel is not something we feel alone.  All of our ancestors feel the same, the energy gets passed from generation to generation in our DNA and bloodline, nothing ever goes away, until it is acknowledged and healed.  In acknowledging our pain, we must also acknowledge the pain of our ancestors.  Constellation healing, family placement healing is a good way of giving ancestors a platform to heal and be heard.

Acknowledging ancestors pain is a powerful way of healing our pain and suffering, the greater our pain, the more destructive our life, the more pain that is stored in the ancestors’ DNA, subconscious minds, which must be healed.  It can be complex to deal with family/ancestors’ healing, as when you begin, the thread keeps on unravelling which can seem infinite in nature, as ancestral lineage can go back to millenia and if we take each person has their mother and father and grandparents, great-grandparents and so on, their pain and suffering, can go on for what seems to be forever.

But, if we want to deal with our own healing, we have to deal with the pain and suffering of the ancestors, we are linked, the tree of life, has roots, the trunk, branches and fruits.  Which means we are part of a tree, if parts of the tree is sick, then we can’t be well.  The tree as a whole needs to be looked at for us to be healed as part of the tree.  If there is cancer in a part of the tree, it will catch up to the rest at some point.

In every generation there is a healer, but it depends if the healer can respond to the challenge and do the job, if the job is not done in that lifetime, then the task goes to the next generation, to the next healer, who again, if they do not rise to the healing challenge, then the task gets passed on and on and on and the healing demands more energy and becomes a bigger task.

Everyone must take responsibility of healing and dealing with their own pain and suffering.  If they don’t then the healer becomes the one who bears the burden of the whole ancestral lineage, this can become and impossible task to achieve for one person.  it is better to have more than one healer in a lineage of ancestors.  This way the work is shared and the family heals fast.  When we acknowledge the ancestors suffering, we give it space to heal, feeling the feelings of our ancestors, releasing them from their binds, karma is liberating to the souls of the past, present and future.

The inner child heals completely when it feels safe, protected, loved and honoured.  This can only come when the adult loves their inner child, that is the biggest love and healing that will ever take place for the child.  Self love is the greatest love and when the child accepts divine healing from the source, in the knowledge that humans are not perfect, divine is whole and only divine spirit can heal the child to wholeness and be the mother, father that the child has always needed, wanted and craved for.

When the child understand its own journey in this humanly existence, it heals completely.  The inner child goes through a lot of trauma in its existence, in the womb, outside of the womb, growing up in an alien world, feeling different, unloved, lost, separation with itself, with others and then coming back to itself.

The finding the self part is very exciting, most of our life we think we are our parents, our friends, others on telly, we take parts of others and mimic to make believe we are who we aren’t.  Then, when we become empowered, we remove all those fake layers and reveal ourself to ourself first and then the world.

We aren’t our mother, our father, brother, sister, friend/s, people on telly, we are totally unique, one of a kind, someone that is limitless, we exist at the same time we don’t exist, we are love, the sum of all that’s happened, the lessons, our ancestors, the sky, the elements, the earth, the water, fire, wood, trees, birds, butterflies, flowers, the star, planets, our art, we are and we  aren’t all of these at the same time. No one can define who we are, as we are limitless beings of unlimited powers.

healing the inner child takes a long time, commitment and love to free ourselves from pain and suffering, this is total enlightenment and can be achieved on this plane.  We can be free of pain and suffering, we can heal all of our pain and emotional suffering, our body, mind and spirit – minus the lessons of karma we have elected to learn in this lifetime.

Clearing karma is a must to reach freedom from pain and suffering.  Total freedom of the soul is achievable, through hard work, patience and a lot of clearing work.  The healing begins when the soul says, I want to be free, the healing begins and the soul becomes free in its own time.

Kiran G

Your Happiness is Your Responsibility!

If we give too much importance to others and how they treat us, how we are a victim of circumstances, a victim of others, then we will always be a victim of others.

What will it take for us to take our own life into our own hands? our happiness into our own hands? What will take to take back ALL our powers? to realise that we have always been enough, that others do not need to validate us, our happiness now – do not lie in others’ hands, actions or inactions.

If you have felt neglected, abandoned at some point in your life, you were being reminded that YOU have neglected and abandoned your own self.  There is no greater thing than self love, it is complete love, when you feel the self love, you will feel the immense power you have, then it will not matter if you didn’t have a good life so far, if it was filled with pain and suffering, if your childhood was a really bad one, if you didn’t feel loved, or were abused by someone whom you trusted, if you weren’t protected by your parents, if your life was upside down.

What matters is that when we love ourself to the point of saying, ” I will not tolerate anyone, anything that abuses me, disrespects me, who does not honour me as much as I do, I will remove anyone from my life, if I don’t feel the level of honour and respect I have for myself” – and then follow up, give yourself that honour, that love, that respect that you have always wanted, waited for, once you have that for yourself, your energy will change and you will become ruthless in the way that you allow people to deal with you.

Once we begin to honour ourself, the world changes, the world aligns to bring more of the same vibration that we have been aligning with, all one-sided relations fall away, takers are dissolved, evil monsters cannot connect with us anymore, we become so elevated, that our energy repels those who do not align with us, friendships break, karmic relationships fall away, karma is cleared, pain and suffering dissolve, we see the truth about everything, we become very good at gaging situations and people.

It is important that we heal our wounds of the past and in childhood, so we have a good life.  Healing our past will bring up a lot of traumas, related to our childhood, our upbringing, particularly when we were in the womb and when we were between the ages of 0-7 years of age.  These remain in our subconscious all our lives, it is these experiences that mould our adulthood and our experiences.  We keep on reliving our childhood experiences all our life.


If our childhood was filled with trauma and dysfunction, then our adult life mirrors that, that’s why people who have an abusive childhood have an abusive adulthood.  We relive our childhood experiences over and over and over again, until we reveal to ourself that we need to get our of this cycle and take responsibility for our actions in the present.

It’s not our fault what happened in the past, particularly when we were children, but when we are adult, we must take responsibility for our life, our happiness and all of our decisions, staying stuck in the past, blaming others for our failure is not taking responsibility for our own life.

Taking responsibility means taking our powers back, stop blaming the past (and people in it) for our failures, heal ourselves and move on from a painful past to a beautiful present, a lot of work is needed for this, but it is possible to have a beautiful life filled with love once we take responsibility of our own life, wellbeing and happiness.

There are many ways to heal the self, to reach the point of self love, forgiveness, unconditional love and compassion for those who have harmed us.  By seeing them as beings who had too much pain, who did not know how to live life, how to make their own life better, how to love others, their way of showing love was to control, enslave, possess what they felt was theirs, they did not know freedom, but have always been caged, how to take responsibility for their own happiness and wellbeing, by having strong boundaries, by saying no, by standing up for themself and by honouring themself.


Those who control and enslave others into relationships of enslavement are not happy for themself, being themself, they will pass on their pain and suffering to others through abuse, psychological, spiritual, emotional, physical, psychic/mental abuse and control.  That’s all they know and are used to.  They have been doing this forever and they are not able to change.  These people lose a lot because they do have a lot of loving people in their lives, but because of their enslavement of those around them, they end up alone and rejected.

No one wants those who control, enslave, abuse others, so – they tend to end up totally alone and their cycle of abuse, resentment, hatred continue for those beings.  They don’t want to break the cycle and habits they have become so accustomed to.  After all, owning other people’s powers is such a boost of power for the self isn’t it?  they don’t want to do the hard work of looking at their own source of pain and suffering, to unveil the truth about their ways and start the healing, so, we have to move on, without them, to make sure that we are healthy, happy, heal in a safe place without those who control, manipulate, harm and abuse.

Once we reach that level of self love, we have taken responsibility of our own happiness.

May those who are lost find their way.

Kiran G

Karmic Relations. Say Your Goodbyes – Forever!


What is Karma? What are Karmic Relationships? Why Karmic relationships? Who are Karmic family members, Karmic soul ties?  Why do we need these in our life? What do we do with the karmic ties? How do we end these relationships? Should we end these relationships? Can we end Karmic relationships? How do we come out of Karmic ties?

If you’d like to clear karma, get the course here.


Karma, the chains that bind!

There a lot of questions when it comes to Karmic relationships. I may have to write several pieces regarding this topic.   So, first question, what is Karma? Karma means good moral actions.  With Karma, it is the intention behind the actions that are most important.

So, why do we have certain lessons with Karma? I.e do we choose those people who hurt us or do we meet them by accident and they bring upon us the pain and misery?

To understand Karma, we have to go back to our past.  Karma can go back lifetimes, there are also karma that we accrue in this lifetime, so this is a continuous loop of actions and intentions that continue to accumulate in our bank of karma.

We elect to choose our lessons, the major ones that change our lives, we choose them.  Do we choose the murderer, rapist, perpetrator to come into our lives? Some lessons we do, some we don’t.  In the past, with civilisations falling and us being part of a lot of deceptions, some lessons we got stuck with.

The most horrible ones, like when we were conquered, enslaved, souls were taken into captivity, these were not our choices, but it was a big deception that took place. This continued for a long time, lifetimes after lifetimes, we didn’t manage to come out of the big deception which led to our own downfall.

A lot of those who brought deception onto us, still do, are still bringing a lot of pain, suffering, this will continue until we break the bind of karma. So, does it mean if we suffer, are taken into slavery, captive of others, that we have bad karma?

No, it means we were deceived by dark forces, we were taken into slavery, captivity, because we were too trusting.  Many nations were conquered, people taken into slavery, hard labour, people were raped, harmed, killed, abused.  This is still carrying on right now.

If you have a bad life, this is due to the fact that many of us were taken captive, so, we continue to be taken captive in different ways, may be a bad husband, abusive family member/s, neglectful mother/father.  The souls come back to relive the same lessons, until the bind is broken by a party.

We also choose certain lessons, because we want to learn and become stronger. So, we choose certain people and lessons, because we want to clear the slate with them.  We go through bad stuff with them, which is purely karmic, these are not loving relationships, this is where we learn through pain and suffering and when the lessons are learnt they leave our lives.

These are purely karmic relationships.  They don’t bring love, they bring pain and suffering and through these we learn big soul lessons.  Karmic relationships are not life-long relationships – but they can be, if lessons are not learnt, they remain in our lives, for as long as needed, until the soul learns to respect, honour and love itself.  That’s when Karma is cleared.

Karma is cleared when a soul comes onto the path of self love and loving others.  Karma is a big loop of endless outstanding lessons, that come together or one after another, because it waits to be cleared.  The soul elects for the timing of these lessons.  The most major ones teach us the arts of darkness – to align with our own dark side, it also teaches us to accept darkness as a way to balance ourselves.

Karmic relationships exit our life once the lessons are learnt.  They aren’t here to come back or remain after the lessons are learnt.  The chain is broken, the souls are freed, with very, very difficult karmic relationships, where there is a lot of abuse, death, trauma, the soul waits to free itself from this extreme karma.

Karma could have been accrued from lifetimes of enslavement by dark souls of our light bodies.  When major civilisations fell in the past, dark forces took control of people who were of light origin.  This is still taking place right now, so, the higher the soul mission, the greater the fall.  As time is not linear, everything is still happening right this moment, the past is also the present and the future, that means civilisations are still falling right now, people are dying, being killed, murdered as history repeats itself, until we say NO! and do the inner work.

So, the enslaver who enslaved a lot of people has not gone away, s/he has transformed into the evil boss, husband/partner, family member or friend, who is going to take what they took a long time ago, unless these lessons are dissolved.  The abuser does not go away, it transforms into a different form.

Everyone who meets us and play a major part in our lives, we have met in the past, in past lifetimes.  The evil monster comes back to cross path with us, one way or another, nothing goes away by itself, unless we take our life in control totally and decide that it’s time to remove evil, transform our lives into what we want, unless we take full control and face our demons who took our powers away.

Karmic relations come to take our powers away, it is all about losing everything to them, so that we can take back our powers, become more powerful when we take our powers back from them.  This can take many lifetimes, if you decide enough is enough with them, then the karma will be cleared in this lifetime.

Once karma is cleared, the person goes away for good, the lesson doesn’t have to be repeated again.  Long term loving relationships are not karmic.  They are what the soul chooses to heal the pain of karmic relationships.  So, there may be a strange balance of love and pain in your life.  The karma brings painful lessons and a loving relationship brings the healing, so the soul is able to cope.

To heal karmic relationships, we must not only forgive the people who harmed us, but also stand up to them, have strong boundaries, teach them to respect us, face our fears for them or the chain keeps on binding us stronger, for longer.  Once we face our fears with these beings who are karmic, we release them once and for all.  They could go back lifetimes when we fell in magical times, they took our powers away, enslaved our souls and in this lifetime, we take our powers back from them, this is when we stand up to them, to the pain and horror they have caused us and clear the slate forever.

We do not come back to have another relationship with karmic relations.  This is it, it’s over once we clear the slate with them and thank goddess for that, I bet you don’t ever want to see their face ever again.

Kiran G

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Feel All The Feelings – Healing The Emotional Body!

Emotions – so powerful, so potent yet so feared.  We have been told we’re weak for showing it.  How can such a big part of us be totally ignored and shunned? If a big part of us is ignored, then how can we be peaceful within ourself?


It’s time to feel all the feelings? give yourself space and honour your feelings and emotions.  Get in tune with your deepest emotions, even if it feels shameful to feel them, feel them, see them for what they are, energy in motion = Emotion.  If we try to ignore or kill a significant part of us, of course we can’t be sane or healthy.

Suppressing, oppressing emotions means that we’re uncomfortable with them, we don’t feel at ease with our own feelings, it doesn’t matter what the feelings are, we must feel them, as deeply as it wants to be felt.  If it’s to do with people whom we love, then it can become difficult to reveal those emotions, especially if they are loved family members.

If it’s to do with those who were supposed to love and care for us as protectors, we will do everything to suppress those feelings, because we feel ashamed of them and as we’re loyal to loved ones, we will convince ourselves that it’s wrong to feel those feelings about those we love.

There is no wrong in feeling a feeling, feel it fully, see the message, the lesson within it, listen to the cries of pain of those emotions, honour it as it’s an important  part of the healing process.

Water is emotions, it is aligned to our sacral chakra, the water chakra.  When we become comfortable with our emotions, our sacral chakra heals, this chakra is orange and is to do with feelings and emotions, creativity, fertility and abundance of life.

We have been told not to show feelings, cultural/religious/spiritual factors all control our belief systems.  Most of us have come to believe that feelings and emotions are bad for us, we’re weak if we feel our feelings deeply, that it has no place in society, in our career, profession and it is seen in a bad light generally.

The wisdom in the feelings is that, it is normal to feel those strong feelings, after years, decades, lifetimes of suppressing emotions and feelings, we become damaged and a chaotic house of dysfunction.  If the energy doesn’t leave us, it’s buried inside somewhere and it’s going to cause chaos to mind, body and spirit.

It may take a long time to process those feelings and emotions, the longer we have suppressed ourselves from feeling them, the longer and more distorted those emotions, when they come out, they will be confusing and totally distorted.  When they have all been felt, one by one, the pain and anger felt, the betrayals unveiled, the trespasses revealed, then the inner child heals.

A lot of our pain and emotions are stored in our inner child.  This is the fearful child, who didn’t feel protected, cared for, abandoned or rejected.  All the child wants is to be seen, felt, protected, loved and fed with what it needs.  It doesn’t understand circumstances surrounding the neglect, rejection or abandonment.  It just wants its parents always there, if the parents were busy working to feed the family, the child cannot understand the need for working, all it wants is for the parents to always be here for it.

If the child cried and the parents did not come, it feels fearful, with time, it becomes a message that “even if I cry, no one comes, no one knows I exist, I am invisible”.  This can lead the child to oppress its feelings, not feel them, not express them and over time, this person becomes good at masking its pain.

It’s ok to feel the fears we felt as a child and a lot of the feelings we felt as a child, may have seemed real in the eyes of the child, but when we really see the circumstances surrounding our fear, we will see that necessity is greater than love and feeling safe.

I.e – we need basic needs like food, shelter, water, clothing to survive, so when parents are out making sure we have all the basic needs, this forgoes love and affection, which comes on the next level of the pyramid of basic needs.

So, the parents had to work to provide for food, shelter, clothing, water, pay the bills, which means they weren’t always there for us to feel heard, protected, loved when we needed them as a child.  So, the child needs to understand that it was ok for the parents not to be around all the time, but, the child may still feel angry, unloved, invisible, rejected or abandoned because its needs at the time weren’t met.

All of us have a wounded inner child, this is a tough world, only those who have it all probably doesn’t have a wounded inner child, in this world, this is rare.  So, have faith, it’s ok to feel the way you do, feel it without shame, let it all out, parents aren’t perfect, but they made sure we stayed safe, looked after, grew up in a safe place, with food, clothing, all our material needs met, to the cost of our emotional needs, but that is ok, because that is very good parenting skills.

Once we heal the inner child, we become the parent of it, seeing that its feelings and fears are heard, catered for, we go back in time, even in the womb, feel the fears, know that it’s ok for some failures on the part of our family members, protectors/parents.  They aren’t perfect, they did their best, they sacrificed their own happiness, freedom and life to make sure that we were looked after, so their absence were justified.

Forgive yourself for feeling conflicted, it’s ok for the child to feel these feelings, allow yourself to feel all of it, in its entirety, then release it and let it go.  Remember to forgive your carers, protectors, loved ones, family members for their failures.  Know that there was a very good reason for their failure, they were struggling themselves and could not give us everything we needed and that’s OK too.

Live long and prosper.

Art, beauty and abundance to you!

Kiran G