The Karmics And TwinFlame Trap

Ah, so much is going on right now. Beware! A lot of karmics are showing up and divine feminines/masculines are getting trapped into believing these karmics are their real twin flames.
The twin flame trap is big, beware, a lot of forces are trying to keep the divine masculine/feminine into dark webs of pain and suffering.
This is so, the divine human, does not complete their mission, the mission is peace and love.
One person in peace and love means the whole planet can be shifted into pure light. We anchor that light and love, this is powerful, each one of us who are in love and peace, embody the power of millions of humans who are in fear frequency. One of us, can cancel out a massive proportion of fearful humans. Our love and peace can push big numbers of humans into the same frequency. The dark agenda is to cancel us out. By cancelling out those who embody peace and love frequencies, they can further the agenda of darkness on this planet. A lot of divine masculines/feminines are being trapped into the dark twin flame trap. This is the trap that keeps one believing that the person they have met is their twin flame. The twin flame signs and synchronicities that are being pushed as truth is further pushing a lot of humans into despair. The internet is full of bad info on twin flames that is keeping a lot of people trapped into sick and narcissistic relationships.
Beware that karmics and rogue twins are passing themselves as divine, just to get into your energy. Your energy is golden, by the mere fact that someone is near you, they thrive and prosper, by you choosing them as friends and making close bonds with them, they benefit from your energy, they get a lifetime of free energy and protection.
Watch out who is passing themselves as your twin. Your true twin will feel peaceful, there will be no fight, there will be peace and love, you will have an inner knowing that they are your true twin. Your twin will love you not matter what, they will be there for you, unconditionally, they will love you from far and near.
Your twin will be just like you, your path will intertwine, they will love the same things as you. You will find it magical as if, something from beyond has designed this, your twin will love, respect and honour you, your twin will be your mirror, your path will be exactly the same, if you have an issue in your physical body, you will find they have the same, your twin will please you with the things they do.
There is a sense of love and peace when you think of your twin. If you still can’t tell who your twin is by the above, a definite tell tale is, forces will come to separate you from your real twin, to sow seed of confusion and suffering in you because it is not good for the dark forces for you and your true twin to unite.
You will have fake twins come to sow the seed of doubt in your mind, a lot of karmics will come to fight for the place of your twin, they want to be crowned and want the crowning. They will mirror you and mimic you, so you really believe that they are your twin. Whilst you were very positive from the very beginning, now you have doubts, because the karmics are passing themselves as your twin, divine masculine/feminine.
You will know, who your real twin is, the real twin makes you feel peace, the fake ones make you feel confused, ill at ease, in pain, fearful, you feel trapped, tied down, you will find that they timing is not right, in chaotic energy, you will be consumed by co-dependency, traumas, pain as you are taking their karma on board.
I hope the above helps you find your true flame.
Kiran G

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