Twin Flame Separation, A Lot of Forces Are At Play!

There are multiple forces keeping the twins separated. Many forces will come to separate the twins, they will come into your life to take over your life, to play the spiritual games, they will pose as divine feminines and masculines, they will mimic you, they will pass as the real twin flame but a lot will be fake and are here to stop the twins from uniting.
There are a lot at stake right now, the earth is ascending and there are star ones, empaths (the good ones, as there are dark empaths too), indigos and crystal beings on this planet paving the way to hard ascension.
These light beings are uniting with their twins at a very fast rate, if you haven’t realised yet that this earth is under the control of the dark forces, then you haven’t realised much in this lifetime. Look at what they are doing to humans, the fear games, the control, manipulation, the gene editing, making humans into robots, without feelings (because feelings help us manifest and keep our vibrations high, without it, we are mere robots), we will be nothing without feelings and a disabled mind (brain functions), we are being pushed into total tyranny and loss of freedom, we are to rise and dissent.
DO NOT CONSENT to what is taking place, they are playing a lot of manipulation games, the collective is in fear mode, things they are doing will separate our souls from our body, then they can do whatever they want with us. DO NOT CONSENT to anything they are doing, you will receive lightcodes to know what these are.
Say loudly to yourself and wherever you feel guided to, I DO NOT CONSENT to their evil games.
They have taken this further and are also after the light ones, real twins, a lot of pain and suffering have been projected onto the twins a lot of dark empaths, dark evil men and women are coming in between the twins.
I have noticed a lot of people coming in between myself and my twin, this is to stop us from uniting. It’s NON STOP, they do not stop, one is still here, another one comes and another one and another one. This carries on and on, until you forget your union and mission.
There is a lot of clearing to do, a lot. Keep concentrating on your beloved, a lot of dark challenges will be thrown at you, a lot of times the twins do not know what they are doing, they are taken into a different reality and there are a lot of dark magic being done, there is no consent.
Beware! This is a dark world, you are living in a dark universe, which has been taken over by dark forces, do not believe anything, until it aligns with your soul, heart and mind.
Lately, I have been sent a person who mirrored me, a lot of people who are sent to me, they mirror me, that way I get caught up in the game and pay attention, this is how they do it, the agents of dark are mirrors, whereas, the light ones will set you free and never manipulate, control and will not be co-dependent.
These forces are here to stop you from becoming one with your love, when you become one, you will manifest fast, you will change the course of this earth, the energy will be so powerful that you will change your reality and this world’s reality and they do not want that. Protect your relationship and clear yourselves a lot, even through visualisation. Clear your childhood traumas, clear trauma bonds, attachment bonds and keep on clearing yourselves. There’s a lot of blogs here that you can learn from if you need guidance. Check also my podcasts and other communications. I command unity for you and your twinflame/soulmate. NOW!
Kiran G

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