You’re Moving To Calmer Waters!

You’re tired of old patterns manifesting itself in your life. You’re ready to let go of that old pattern, cycles of pain and suffering.
Something came to show you all your addictions, obsessions, pain, suffering, patterns so you can release them.
Don’t worry everyone is addicted to something or some kind of pattern. It could be an obsession with drama, pain and suffering, with strong emotional bonds, with those who are unpredictable and chaotic.
Addictions come in many forms, it does not necessarily mean substance or chemical addiction, although this is also part of the addiction traumas. This addiction is to uncertainty, chaos, emotional unpredictability, deep pain and suffering, because that could have been our modus operandi when we were a child.
Now, you have healed your addictions or close to healing them completely. This new situation that bowled you over taught you a lot, it showed you a mirror of light, it brought you back to yourself and you learnt valuable lessons about yourself.
You have healed those patterns in yourself and are ready to move on to calmer waters, all the abundance are waiting for you there, look at the tree full of gold and golden coins. You are ready for all of these to come to you, just open your arm to receive. Much love to you on your journey!

Star One! Kiran G

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