Your SoulTribe Are Coming Forth!

Your soul tribe are making themselves known to you. They are coming forward to help you in your mission. These are your contracted soul members, soul family who agreed to come and help you to heal the planet.

You have a lot of family members coming through right now, they have seen how powerful you are and want to come and help.

You have helped them heal and they thank you. You are also meeting your soulmates, twin flames, your divine love. Your family on earth are healing, your star family are also healing.
You are doing so much right now, you are shining bright. You are the deal, Karma have been apportioned, those who have abused you and your family are being judged and you are about to be paid your debts big time.
This is your spiritual wealth and open your arms to receive. You are ready for the next stage of your life. Thank you Ancestors, ancestars and spirit guides. Life is coming together.

Ancestars are here! Soul Tribe Welcome

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