Divine Masculine/Feminine Is Gentle

When you meet the true one, he/she will be the sweet, gentle one.
Divine is loving and gentle. Do not be told otherwise. If you are in a divine relationship, then you know, it is beautiful, gentle, loving, it serves you, for your highest good.
Divine masculine/feminine has earthly issues but is NOT toxic. Will never put you down, will not hurt you intentionally. Divine is innocent, it makes mistakes, it does not have all the answers as he/she is finding their way on this earth too. BUT they know you are the one, they will always treat you with love, honour and respect.
There are separation times, but these will be peaceful, yes it will pain, because your soul won’t like the separation and you would want to come together again, it will all happen in peace and love.
Many fake twin flames out there, what I mean by that, they are sent by dark forces to destroy the divine masculine/feminine so, they do not find and unite with the real divine masculine/feminine.
In a divine loveship, anyone could be carrying the masculine, feminine energy. The male could be carrying the feminine energy and vice-versa, it does not have to a male or female relationship, the energy is not gender specific.

Starseeds, Indigos, Crystals, Earth Angels, Empaths Beware!

Protect your energy, protect your life force, protect your aura.
Evil men, women walk around you, they see your abundance and they want to steal it from you. I know you may think that I am being harsh, if you are an indigo, crystal, empath, starseed, earth angel, then you have definitely met these people who steal souls.

There are dark forces on this earth, who are masquerading as light. They pass themselves as Reiki masters, healers, light people, they talk the talk, they say all the right things, they heal people, but in actual fact, the people they heal fall sick.
They steal the energy of people they heal. I know someone who was always healing people with Reiki, but in actual fact, he was stealing energy, life force from people.
This person is so dark that he steals people’s souls. As soon as you meet this person, bad luck comes to you, he then steals everything you have. I have also met another individual equally as dangerous, they both pass as divine masculine, feminine, they are into esoteric stuff, but they work for the dark.
Be so careful who you trust. If you are open to giving to people, they will come to take and if you stop giving, they will abuse you psychically, spiritually, psychologically so they steal everything from you.
They attack psychically, they attack telepathically and they also steal energies from your aura and chakras. They know how to do magick, usually dark magic to get what they want from you.
Beware! Not many people will tell you this, there are a lot of dark forces on this earth, they are currently working for the dark ones, they have sold their souls and have no light in them. To get light, they need to take by force, steal and abuse. Narcissists are all dark ones, who masquerade as lovers, partners, they are actually vampires, abusers and violators.
Many empaths are meeting narcissists right now, a lot of them in abusive relationships with fake twin flames who are evil narcissists and evil monsters.

Do Not Allow Anyone To Disrespect YOU!

You are the deal. Make sure people know that. Speak your truth with confidence, do not allow anyone to abuse you, do not allow anyone to disrespect you.

If someone does not honour you, tell them, be respectful to yourself and tell them.
Make sure anyone who is around you knows how to behave around you.

If they don’t, you know how to defend yourself and teach them a lesson. You are the master magician.
Indigos, starseeds, earth stars, earth angels you are super powerful. YOu have super powers, do not tell people about your super powers, keep secrets, do not share your knowledge freely, only a few need to know.

Your powers are immense, you are different from others, you are not like others. You have super powers, you are here for a great mission on this earth. You are here to make big changes, to change the energy, frequency and vibration of this planet. You are here as a lightwarrior. A lot of your feelings are not your own, beware others are projecting on you and you think it’s your feelings and you carry it all your life thinking you are messed up, but actually, you are just feeling, absorbing other peoples’ shite and being projected upon.
Beware of fake divine masculine, feminine, who come to disarm you and steal everything you have. You know who they are.
Much love,

Kiran G, Lightwarrior
New dimension
  1. The beginning
  2. The Inner Child Needs Love!
  3. Clearing, clearing, clearing and it is done.
  4. Divine has your back and always had your back.
  5. Unforgiveness is very costly!

Listen, You Deserve It ALLLLL!

No one has time for bread crumbs, for bit and pieces, for being an option. YOU ARE ITTT BABAYYY!

That’s right! Listen, do not hang around those who do not know who you are, what value you have, are not sure about what they want, not sure about how to deal with you, do not wait around for anyone, you are too good, too precious, too fantastic.
Walk awaayy! walk away from being an option, from games, from mind games, from the poisoned chalice, from those who do not know themselves, from those who want to keep you on the sideline.

You’ve got to be kidding me! you are IT! you are the deal, you are royalty in life, you are goddess, god, queen, king, empress, emperor, you are MAGIC!

If you still don’t know your worth, your value, your self esteem is still low. YOU have to know who you are, you are to be worshipped. They need to prove to you they are worthy, they need to show you that they are the right one. They need to honour, respect and love you in the way that you want to be loved.
YOU are the one! I want you to know that I value you, your beauty, your worth, your light, your empathy, your entire being.
Common, you deserve only the best of the best. The ONE AND ONLY! the one who has respected you, loved you quietly, honoured you, seen you during your worst times, been around you when you were down, helped you up when you fell, pulled you up when you were down, served you with love, saw you as beautiful on your worst days.
This is true love. True love, true, worthy, honourable love. YOU deserve only the best.

You Took All Your POwers Back!

Listen, all the people you met, although scary and horrible some of them, you met them because you had karma to clear.
Remember the worst individual who took all your light, magic and powers away?
You came back in this lifetime, to take your powers back! You had to meet them, face them and take all your powers back. They did some really bad stuff to you, they took everything away from you, you were left with nothing. They stole everything for so long, for many lifetimes, then this one, you came back to face them and to take all your powers back!

They were attracted to you, because they had to give your powers back to you. It has been a long, dark fight, where you were defeated a lot, but then, you rose and faced them. In this fight, you are the winner. They LOST!

I congratulate you on your victory, this is yours and yours alone. If you lost faith in humans and humanity, then, you are meeting good souls who come to restore that faith in you.
Your powers are back. You took all your powers back, they don’t have anything of yours anymore.
Those who stole from you are having to return everything right now. Those who have not followed the divine law, are now having to go through divine trials, there are court cases in the ethers, where all is being heard, your time is here, justice is being done, with compensations, punitive damages and everything that you lost, to restore you back to your initial self, but with all the interests and damages awarded to you.

Enjoy your divine victory, it is a worthy win, you have fought for so many lifetimes and you have DONE IT!
They have lost against you and your ancestors are so proud of you right now, you brought them into the light, they are singing, jumping with joy, smiling, cheering and laughing at your massive victory. This is a first in your ancestors history and they thank you. I am here to cheer you on, well done YOU! you are amazing and your powers are all back.
Cheers, defeat to the dark ones!

New dimension
  1. The beginning
  2. The Inner Child Needs Love!
  3. Clearing, clearing, clearing and it is done.
  4. Divine has your back and always had your back.
  5. Unforgiveness is very costly!

The Void is Where You Manifest Your Masterpiece!

You are manifesting fast. Make sure you are in control of what you want in your life. If you are not very precise, then you will find you are manifesting what you aren’t very happy with.

Be precise, be like a laser beam, imagine all the details, write it down, imagine it, visualise it and see it manifest NOW!

What is it that you have been trying to manifest? Everything is within your grasp now, if things haven’t manifested yet, that’s because you weren’t fully ready and that you had to make adjustments and changes.

Now, you are ready for the big waters, the planets and frequencies have aligned, you have all the magick and mysteries inside of you and you’re rearing to go.

It’s a bit like when you’re in a very fast car, in a race, on the start line, you are pushing the accelerator, but you’re pushing the brake pedal and you are waiting for the GO signal.

It’s coming and this will be a high and fast ride, a fast one, where you are the fastest, best, greatest, with the most expensive race car, with all power boosters on, all the gadgets are installed, this car can fly, has all the bells and whistles and can do anything you want it to do.
Listen, you’re ready for this. Just a few more seconds of wait now. 3, 2, 1 … GOOOOO and you’re OFF!
Enjoy the ride!

Kiran G, Light One!
New dimension
  1. The beginning
  2. The Inner Child Needs Love!
  3. Clearing, clearing, clearing and it is done.
  4. Divine has your back and always had your back.
  5. Unforgiveness is very costly!

Send Love To The Situation!

If you have been feeling unsure or fearful about something, your life, your future, your present or even your past. Perhaps you don’t even know where this is coming from, or you are remembering another lifetime, with someone, where something really significant happened and you are starting to have a sea of feelings and emotions.
In the quiet moments, you will know what you need to do, what the lesson is, you will also know what the situation and or person is teaching you, for now, just send love to the situation. You don’t need to know how things will work out, you fear your own success and this may be your way of stopping your own happiness and success. Beware of self sabotage!
If you start feeling doubtful, fearful about something but you know deep down inside it is for your highest good (check in with your heart and gut), perhaps this is a new paradigm in your bloodline, a new energy, frequency, vibration, that you are aligning with, which you are not aware of and your ancestors are not aware of this new era, energy, frequency and so you get fearful.
If it’s divinely guided, have faith, this cannot hurt you, on the contrary, it is the answer to your prayers, the hard work you have put in, is manifesting, open your arms and heart to receive.
For now, surrender all your doubts, fears, the situation and all the timelines for healing.
Much love on your path

Kiran G, Light One!
New dimension
  1. The beginning
  2. The Inner Child Needs Love!
  3. Clearing, clearing, clearing and it is done.
  4. Divine has your back and always had your back.
  5. Unforgiveness is very costly!

Starseeds, Indigos, Empaths Are Not Great At Strong Feelings and Emotions!

Starseeds are not great at being emotionally intelligent. “Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and manage your own emotions. People who possess this trait also have the ability to understand and influence the emotions and behavior of others.” – healthline.

Starseeds are great at avoiding feelings and emotions altogether. Strong feelings and emotions make us really edgy. Starseeds are not great at expressing their own feelings and emotions to others.

This can make them seem like they are cold or do not care, or are mysterious, but actually, star ones do not feel comfortable with people who come on too strongly onto them. They also stay away from people who are very emotionally charged, unbalanced and unpredictable.

When Starseeds learn to accept their emotions, they can start to express their feelings more. Usually, star ones do not like to tell others how they are feeling, but they are glad to help others who aren’t feeling great. They are great listeners, healers, seers, but not great with their feelings.

It takes a long time for Star ones to accept their feelings and emotions, that it’s ok to have them, express them and be vulnerable. Indigos, starseeds are not great at telling people their story, whenever their turn comes to share their story, feelings and emotions, they will do everything to get out of it.
Once starseeds, light ones realise that emotions and feelings are actually their friend not their enemy, then balancing these strong feelings take time.

There is a lot of repressed emotions, feelings with star ones, when they crash, these come out as dis-eases in the pain body, emotional body and affects the physical body too.
The cause for this is emotions are very charged and Star ones do not like anything to do with strong, passionate, loving emotions. When not mastered, their emotions cripple them, as they don’t know what to do with them.

Star ones, attract people with distorted emotions or those who have very strong feelings for them, which they cannot deal with.
“The lesser feelings, the better” – that’s the motto of the starseed. They love the happy vibe, the high vibe and love to make jokes or hide their feelings under a facade, just so they never have to feel their feelings, deal with them or deal with those who have them.

When Indigos, starseeds meet someone with extremes of emotions and feelings, they cannot deal with that person, they will run from this person. They love balanced emotions and feelings, or no feelings at all.
Star Ones do not know what to do with feelings, usually they are all repressed and not allowed to be felt. They never allow themselves to feel those “alien” feelings and emotions, because earth deals with feelings and emotions as currency and they are not used to it.

The body comes with hormones, substances, complex chemicals, emotions and feelings, which confuse the “out of this world” star one. When they are forced to feel those feelings, there is a crash in energy, because they never learnt to be emotionally intelligent.

Once star ones learn to be ok with their emotions, their lives become so balanced, they understand their body and its functions, they enjoy a greater success in life. They can make better choices, understand others, share their own feelings/emotions, accept that it’s ok to feel them, that it’s ok to be vulnerable, to share them with others, to be seen and heard.

When starry ones realise this, they start to blossom and do well within their body, mind and spirit.
Give yourself permission to feel all those emotions. It’s time!

Kiran G, Star One!
New dimension
  1. The beginning
  2. The Inner Child Needs Love!
  3. Clearing, clearing, clearing and it is done.
  4. Divine has your back and always had your back.
  5. Unforgiveness is very costly!

Bridging 3D To Higher Dimensions and Back!

It’s time for all the abundance to come together in the 3D. You have been on the higher dimensions, connected to your star roots all your life. You haven’t managed to manifest much in the 3D.
Things have manifested, a lot of things, but a lot of chaos and conflict manifested.
You probably manifested all kinds of darkness in your life and these kept you in the underworld for long. Players came to play games, you weren’t discerning enough, or just too trusting, you thought everyone could be trusted, but they took everything away from you.
Dark forces played a lot of games with you and your ancestors, you did not know who was real or who was fake.
Then, you learnt to trust your intuition, but this was also compromised and cloaked by those forces.
You then felt it in your gut what you should do, you took actions, it took years, decades to remove dark ones from your life, but you did.
Make sure you do not lose faith. You are on the right path.

Be discerning as to whom you trust, whom you bring into your life, whom you share your energy and secrets with. There are dark forces operating and they do show themselves as light. Beware!
They pass themselves as divine, as masters, healers, gurus, they are veiled, but you will know when you meet their energy! Use your gut feeling.
Through all of this, you’ve done a lot of work in the aethers, in the highest dimensions and root yourself firmly into the 3D.

If you’d like to clear these dark forces from your life, learn to clear karma, here is a step by step approach. Click the below link.

To ride the waves of emotions, clear traumas and have freedom from pain – click below.

New dimension
  1. The beginning
  2. The Inner Child Needs Love!
  3. Clearing, clearing, clearing and it is done.
  4. Divine has your back and always had your back.
  5. Unforgiveness is very costly!

Well done! It’s TIME!

Lightwarrior Kiran G

How To Clear Karma – Step by Step – A Beginners Course

We all want a life free of karma. Karma means actions. Karma can be very, very challenging. Everyone has Karma (good and bad actions) if you have a fair amount of bad karma, i.e, the negative challenges are not going away, then you may want to check these courses out. This beginner course explains Karma, how it works and how it can be cleared.
If you are tired of lessons and don’t know what you are missing out, what lessons you are not learning, if you want to clear Karma with someone, who has been very challenging in your life. If you want to clear Karma with all your Karmic relationships and want a Karma-free life. If the same patterns, lessons are being repeated in your life over and over again, then you need this course. If you have generational patterns, generational karma and more.
You will learn to what degree Karma goes, how far it reaches and how many dimensions of healing we need to do in order to heal our life.
You are the chosen one to do this work and I tell you, it’s not for the faint-hearted. if you are healing generational karma, ancestral karma, star ones karma, then it’s all in these series. There is a beginner course and an advanced course, it is recommended to start with the beginner course, so you have the foundation of the course and then move on to the advanced course.

This course covers the following:

What is Karma?
How do we remove ourselves from the grips of karma?
Who controls Karma?
Why Karma?

Karma clearing is available for all lightworkers, empaths, starseeds, star ones, light ones, earth angels. This is the time when debts are paid, judgments are made, we return all other people’s debts, we take our powers back and we claim back our own good karma. Karma are multilayered, multi dimensional, it’s not linear, it is all happening right now.
Kiran G