Your Good Karma Is Here! Your Divine Intent Is Cosmically Being Rewarded!

The Cosmos has your back. Ancestors are lining up to protect your back and what you cannot see. You are on a roll right now. Break out of old pain and suffering and if you have been stuck with someone abusive for long, this person takes your energy, vibration, your life force, telepathically harms you, casts spells on you to keep you in their prison, then your time is here, you will see everything that they are doing, you break out of their evil spells. NOW!

Your good intent, which become actions and deeds are now maturing and coming back to you, thirteenfold. Those who stole from you, your ancestors, your loved ones have to return all of it, thirteenfold.

Your time is here baby! are you feeling it? you manifest the greatest relationships (if this was stolen from you) they will return happier and with more love for you. You will meet your divine counterpart, they have made themselves known to you and are coming for you, fast!
Be ready for all your blessings as soon as the new year comes in. Open your heart, release the destructive, fake azz saboteurs who stole so much from you.
They will return everythign to you, have faith. It’s time, justice is being done, you will see everything. It will be shown to you, what they took, they must return (thirteenfold). All your love returns now. Your cup is overflowing, your abundance keeps on growing. Listen, this is not just your good karma, but also your ancestors’ good karma too.
Give thanks to your ancestors, your ancestars, your guides, your earth star ancestors and everyone who came to help. The dark times are over. Forgive.

Kiran G Lightwarrior

Beware of Fake Divine Feminines and Masculines!

At this time of rising frequencies, there are great plans to mask the truth right now.
The dark is working hard to keep divine masculines and feminines separated through a new mean.

This is the fake divine masculine and feminine. I have already met two, who came into my life, were very involved in my life, passing themselves as divine masculine/feminine.

They talk the talk, they do not walk the walk. So, they appear to be what seems to be the real thing. They copy, mimic you, your mannerisms, your style, your success, they pretend they are very successful, they pretend to be doing well.
In reality, they aren’t. Their lives have fallen apart, because of bad karma. They lose their home to repossession, they do not do well in general, they cannot keep a healthy relationship with anyone.
People usually see through their fake azz self.
They are angry people, they do not have “love and light” inside of them as these words seem to roll off their tongues all day long.
These people are here to steal from you, usually they will come close to you, or you will be fooled to think they are divine and bring them into your life.
The cloak remains for a while, as they want to keep the game going, they are secretly attacking you all the time. Throwing all kinds of energies, psychic, emotional, projections, hatred, anger, bitterness onto you.
They smile to your face and behind your back they are stealing your abundance.
They might steal your reputation, your light, your freedom (through all kinds of witchcrafts), they pretend to be so good, you will not even see it, as you are such a divine heart. Even if you see it, you will convince yourself that they are not and that it’s all in your imagination.
You will know it though, your gut feeling will tell you. Lately, someone has been trying to take my success away from me, she is so angry with me, I have never done anything to her, I keep on forgiving her, but she keeps on attacking me.
All because of jealousy! She is alone, lonely, her life is not good, she has bad health, is always grumpy, aggressive with others, has extremely negative vibes, the man she wants does not seem to reciprocate her love for him (unrequited love), she does not seem to have much success, happiness whilst I do. My crime is that I am happy and successful.
It’s been the same with the supposed “divine masculine” who came into my life a while back. Same kind of history. They are very good at pretending to be what they aren’t.
I manifest all my abundance (this is what divine starseeds do with ease), come with clean hands and all will be just and fair. If you come with dirty hands, bad intent, the bad karma is heavy.
I met two, they both stole a lot from me! It took me a while to see the real them because I tend to see the good in people and deny my intuition.

Divine starseeds do not have a bad bone in their body, their intentions are so clean, pure and innocent. All they want to do is help everyone, free them from pain. This is good karma. Forgive these people, send them love, you will see their truth soon.

Lightwarrior Kiran G

Starseeds Are Rising! Beware of Fake Divine Masculines/Feminines.

The rising is happening for all starseeds. The Universe has aligned miracles to free starseeds from evil prisons.
If you’ve been stuck in this dark cycle, stuck with someone really dark, who was sent to steal your life, then, you must free yourself from this curse.

This may be following you from past lives, old civilisations, where a lot of high priests, wizards were captured and destroyed.

Beware of false divine masculines and feminines, who are around you right now, they’ve been sent to destroy you and throw you off your mission.

They are stealing from you, your light, your power, your mission, they mimic you very well, they pass themselves as you, they copy you, that’s how they hide themselves. They pretend to be the divine feminine or the divine masculine, they say all the right things, but you know who they really are deep down.

They are agressive, violent, they are jealous of your power and light, they hate you inside, they have angry faces, they speak angrily, they disagree with everything you say or do, they are your opposite, they aren’t empathic, some even pretend to be healers, reiki masters, they have learnt the arts of magick and use it to suppress you, oppress you, attack your third eye, so you don’t see, they constantly throw spells, conjure dark forces to harm you, they throw psychic attacks at you because you manifest well and have a successful life, they are broken, in a dark dungeon, stuck and nothing they want shall be offered to them.

This is old karma due, this is judgment. What they really desire, want, dying for, will not be offered to them, they did this to you, now they want the same thing from the universe. Some separated you from your life, they stole your life, your powers, your divine love, now they want the same that they stole. They will not be given this, the universe has taken away everything they took away from you.

They are in a deep, dark place, nothing good is happening. Darkness is them, they are darkness, they are being shown who they really are. There is nothing good about them, they have worn the divine mask for so long, they don’t even know who they are. They think they are divine and now they are finding out who they really are, they have a bank of negative karma to work through and your time is here, your good karma has been activated. These are currently the most dangerous humans on this earth. They are very well cloaked, watch out starry ones, indigos, empaths, sun people, light people, earth people. What they took from you, you shall receive thirteen fold. This is how much they will lose.
Your time is here. Namaste Light ones!

Healing All Divine Connections, Removing All Lower Vibes!

Healing all divine connections in all your life. Your soulmate, twin flame, your love connections, with others.
Lightcodes are everywhere on this site and in this post. You will know, your soul and starseed, lightseed self will decode and download as we go.
The reason I use lightcodes, is that in the past, information I have shared has been used by dark forces to attack my own self and other divine lightseeds.
I have a person who stalks me and steals knowledge and high dimensional wisdom and secret information. Now, there is no info for them.
Lightcodes have information in them, which you download and your higher self knows, it can only be downloaded by light ones.
This is for you to clear yourself from dark, evil sorcerers magic, to take over your third eye and keep you enslaved to them, to serve them energetically and in servitude.
YOu know who this person/these people are.
They want to take you away from your divine love connections, so that you never unite with your divine love.
Lightcodes for you to remove these entities from your life>

To break all evil eyes, evil intentions, voodoo, black magic, spells, love spells, tantric spells, rituals, all thefts, all attacks in the akasha, dream state, 3D, 4D and above dimensions.
Your ideas being stolen and passed as theirs. Taking credit for your work, wisdom and intelligence. Lightcodes here for you to take back everything that was stolen from you in the akasha realms. You being separated from your divine loves.
Your will bent and your power and light used for the fall of humanity. You take back your powers, NOW!
Clearing and sending back what’s not yours. Taking and calling back what’s yours.
Clearing, healing connections with your loved ones, your divine love connections, heal the pain, clear, remove, cancel, removing waiting magic, cloaks, revealing everything so you can clear them NOW!
Removing stuck programs, distortion of the feminine/masculine programs.
Sending healing to all directions, time, space, lifetimes, timelines, dimensions.
All attacks, emotions, energies, bad karma returned.
Clearing, clearing, clearing, so all your relationships and love returns, you unite with your own self and your divine counterpart.
Healing your path, pathways, removing conflicts/separations in your divine relationships, restoring peace, love and balance. Clearing your matrix, your archetype, balancing all energies, grounding, shielding, filling with light.
Stop giving away your energy for free, to everyone. Keep it for yourself, until you feel you need to share with someone. Those dark entities are attracted to light ones who give freely and willingly and that’s why they are attached to lightones. Lightcode here.
Banning forever all forces that are not of the highest vibrations of love, light, balance.
Healing all starseeds, sun people, star people, earth people. Rise in power, unity and peace.
Much love to you

Lightwarrior Kiran G

The Mother Earth Is Ready For Us And We’re Ready Too!

It has been tough for this world. Everywhere you look, there is destruction, rainbow people have risen to protect the earth and all its species from destruction.
You are one of the protectors of this earth. You are a powerful co-creator with the divine, you are here to transmute and regenerate the old to new healthy way.
Life will be back, more abundant than before, everything will be freed from slavery and servitude.
Trees will be back again, their souls healed. All elements back with power.
All animals treated with respect. All races of humans united. All polluting corporations destroyed and obliterated.
All greedy, evil corporations totally removed from this earth.

Earth is rising, gaia is rising, we have risen, star races are here as lightwarriors to defend and protect, to destroy and obliterate those who stand in the way.
Fierceful, powerful warriors are rising, these warriors cannot be destroyed, the divine has been too good for too long, now the good card is not going to work and even the divine has had to upgrade plans.
So, we are here, rainbow children, protectors, defenders, prosecutors, judges, teachers, lecturers, public speakers, writers, artists, storytellers, earth protectors, human rights activists, dissenters, lovers of all kinds, ethical farmers, animal rights activists are all here. This time we play a different game, not one that can be defeated.
Starseeds are here, working hard, we know what we need to do, where we need to go and how to fight these dark entities.

Lightwarrior Kiran G

Clarity Of The Mind, Body, Heart And Soul!

Divine Feminine

Call back all your soul pieces, some parts may have been taken, stolen, some parts you have given away willingly to others, perhaps when you were in love, you gave someone your heart and they broke it.

Perhaps you made contracts with others to heal, look after and soothe your soul. Perhaps all you have looked for all your life is love from others, so you keep throwing yourself in others people’s arms, please them for them to love you.
This is not real love (and no judgment here) pull back your energies, call back your soul pieces, give yourself everything you have ever wanted.
Give yourself your own time, if that’s what you want from others.
Give yourself your own love, attention, care, help and support, if you seek love, care attention from others.
By being the well of everything you seek, you come home. You are the home, you are your own love.
If you felt abandoned, neglected, betrayed, rejected by your care-givers, then, give yourself that love, reparent yourself be the mother that you want for yourself.
Be your own father, be your own authority figure, be the divine mother that you have always wanted.
Be your own loving siblings, be your own divine love, be the partner you have always craved for.
Be everything to yourself, release inner conflict, release loss and grief, send love to the broken parts in you. Nurture your divine feminine, masculine. If you have been waiting for the perfect love, the wholesome love, the respect, the love that’s out of this world. You can give yourself that. When you do and you release all conflicts within, you will become a magnet to magical, high vibing people, situations and love.
I wish you well.

Lightwarrior Kiran G

Call Back Your Divine Feminine/Masculine Essence!

A while back, we lost our divine essence to outside forces who came to conquer us and our light. Divine consciousness was eradicated on this earth, those who stole our divine essence are now back in our lives to pay their debts towards us.
The debt is heavy, they stole, the pillaged, plundered, destroyed a lot of lives in the past.
The divine is claiming back all its powers, its spirit, its essence and its light. Those who abused others are now having to pay back, just sit back and watch.
If you are a divine feminine/masculine, those who took all your powers away, are now in your life to return what they took. Notice, their lives are upside down, nothing works, their relationships do not work, they are poor (in energy, frequency, life force, vibrations, money, abundance and opportunities).
They did you wrong and now is payback time, you will collect your dues and it’s happening as we speak.
This is not revenge, it’s what is owed to you, it’s what they took from you, your light, your abundance, your life force, your spirit, your essence, your life, your health and all things that belonged to you. Take back your powers.
It’s now back! Rejoice. Just watch now, those who stole from you, have to return all things multifold. YOu Know everything, you see everything. Meditate. Your ancestors are working fiercely to help you. Ask them for help, ask all your guardians to help you, you have powerful guides.
Forgive and call back all that belongs to you.

Lightwarrior Kiran G

Divine Loves Are Coming Together Now! Remove Karmics

It’s time beloved. If you have been waiting forever, this is your time. Soulmates and Twin flames are coming together. They are all ready to show their love to each other, to heal the planet, with the highest vibrations of light, love and highest consciousness.
For this to happen, miracles are happening. Divine loves have been stuck forever, with karmic relationships that have been really painful and toxic.
A lot of twin flames, soulmates are stuck in really toxic, destructive relationships which are one-sided and abusive. It’s not that they don’t want to get out, it’s that the other party won’t allow them to leave, they are using all the tricks in the book to keep this going.
They use spells, curses and all kinds of magick, because they want this beautiful soul back and they realise that they have missed out, especially if they were abusive and disrespecful and the empath left.
Even though in distance, they won’t let go with the continuous abuse, sending psychic attacks, attacking in 5D, on astral planes, other dimensions, magick and all sorts of ways.
Beware! if you find you can’t break away from this evil, toxic, horror. The universe will send you help. Look for it and accept it when it comes.
The multiverse is sending help in ingenius ways for you to remove them from your life, when this miracle shows up, all you will want to do is remove the Karmic abuser from your life.
This miracle will boost you up, to inject you with life and life force. This is not for everyone though, a select few starseed twins who have been stuck in toxic entanglement.
Where one abuser does not want to let go of the empathic soul. There are also a lot of dark forces being conjured by the abuser. Be careful, transmute the magick and heal yourself.
You have all the knowledge and if you need this boost, here it is in the form of a download, upgrade. Just concentrate on the picture/image, words. Forgive them. Clear your energy, constantly.
Lightwarrior Kiran G

Self Love Will Heal All!

Self love, baby!

This is your answer to everything. Self Love is the answer. Love your every part, cell, atom, molecule, photon inside of you.

If you’ve ever felt you aren’t lovable, you aren’t beautiful or unworthy of love. Know that you are worthy of love, you are beautiful, you are a star in the dance of galaxies, you are here to first love yourself like no one has ever loved you, see every part of you with pure love, bless yourself, your life, your beauty, your scars and everything that you feel is unworthy of your own love.
Speak to your cells, speak to your atoms and molecules, speak to every part of you and tell your cells how much you love it.
Self love is the mother of all loves. If you have never felt the love, know that self love is the answer. Learn to love yourself, the parts you don’t feel is beautiful. Know that you are beautiful.
Lightcodes, downloads and upgrades are in this communication, just receive.
Kiran G