Light Pours in! It’s An Abundant Time!

On 11/11 it began. Today the light started to pound in onto this world. Today, Friday the 13th, a lot of people are scared of this day, they say it’s a bad day, when a lot of bad things happen. In fact, Friday is Freya day, a goddess, 13 is a divine feminine number. They made this very powerfully divine day into a monstrous day! this is so the fear outweighs the love of the divine femine. Concurrently, there is the festival of light. Hindus all around the world celebrate the victory of good over evil. Lots of light events happening right now.
Give your energy, time and intention for light to pour in, to wash away all the evil that we see. The greed of governments, the fear, control, tyranny, suppression of their own people. All happening now, but light people, we must take part in our own freedom.
Join me with all your will and intent, to take all your powers back, to say no to evil agenda and yes to a light filled world.
WE are making a big impact, stick around, join in the light fighting the dark. It’s time you rise up fully, release the old narratives that kept you in darkness, light is here to show the way. In light, Kiran G

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