Twin Flames Are Clearing Karma With Karmic Partners!

Depending on the intensity of the old relationships (karmic), each twin is making their way back home, to their beloved.
This is taking some time as there are some people are lining up to clear their karma with the twin soul. Some are old flames from the soul tribe, where there was a lot of passion and loyalty, but the relationship did not last, there was heartbreak.
Then, there are those which did not go well at all. Those toxic, horror stories, which left a sour taste in your mouth and left you feeling deceived about love.
The Twin waits in the background, for their twin to clear all of this, however, one twin can choose not to come back and stay in the karmic relationship as they are not ready for the intensity of the twin soul connection.
This love is new, we are not used to this kind of love, this is other – worldly and is playing with us, making us perfect, balanced, open-hearted and it can freak us out.
Both has the free will to decide whether they will enter this, or wait. If they choose to do the inner work, which is a killer exercise 🙂 if you are still alive, well done, after all that purging, releasing, clearing. No stone is left unturned.
So, if you’re ready for this, union is here, it is going to happen really soon. Both are ready and are going to dance to the symphony orchestra.
Yep. This is it!
If you’re ready.
Much love, to you and your twin love.
Lightwarrior Kiran G

Completion Is Happening, Right Now! Be Ready For Old To Leave!

Completion is taking place right now, Karma is being cleared. If you have anger, bitterness, resentment inside of you, it’s time to look for ways to heal those traumas. You have to find a way to let go of these punishing energies. You will carry it for a long time if you don’t find a way to release it now.
Ask yourself why can’t I let go of these strong feelings? may be someone did you wrong!? At some point, when all is done, said and you have taken steps to remove yourself and the offending people from the toxic situation, then, forgiveness will come in handy.
It will happen in its own time, when you’re fully ready. No one can decide your timeline for you.
Peace and love
Kiran G

Soften YOur Heart About Your Past!

Soften your heart about what happened in the past. It’s time. Life is about to become really good for you and its asking you to soften your heart, your soul memories about what took place.
Some players in your life did not have good intentions, they came and took too much and did not give back.
That’s what they do, that’s how they operate in life, they take and you became one of their victims.
Allow your anger to be released, allow life to give back to you now.
People want to come into your life to give, to gift you, to be generous, kind and give without conditions.
Unconditional people are entering your life.
They want to give to you, without conditions and without wanting anything back.
They want to fill your vessel with nectar. Are you ready to receive?
Go on, it’s time and you deserve it, so much.
Kiran G

You Don’t Have To Have All The Answers!

You don’t have to have all the answers right now, take some quiet time to be by yourself, to figure out your next steps. If you have doubts about certain things, take some time out, quiet your mind, quiet your soul, hush that fear inside of you and know in due time, you will have all your answers.
Take your time with this, there is no right or wrong answer, whatever YOU decide will be the right answer.
Ask yourself, what will make you happy?
Be intimate with yourself, be your best friend. Have a heart to heart with yourself, tell yourself that you want to be happy, healthy, loved, nurtured, nourished, respected and abundant.
These are the foundational values for your life, there cannot be a compromise on these, what comes to you, has to fit into around your strongest values and beliefs.
It can only be a beautiful life, with these high values present.
Love Kiran G

Express Yourself. It’s Time to Be Seen And Heard!

It’s your time to showcase yourself, it’s your time to make it happen, your tribe is here!

If you have been thinking about putting yourself out in the public eye, this is the sign for you, it’s the right time to put yourself out there, take this as a sign that you will be successful. Speak, speak up, speak out for the good of the world, yourself and others. Let go of the old, allow the new to sweep in!

Kiran G

Light Pours in! It’s An Abundant Time!

On 11/11 it began. Today the light started to pound in onto this world. Today, Friday the 13th, a lot of people are scared of this day, they say it’s a bad day, when a lot of bad things happen. In fact, Friday is Freya day, a goddess, 13 is a divine feminine number. They made this very powerfully divine day into a monstrous day! this is so the fear outweighs the love of the divine femine. Concurrently, there is the festival of light. Hindus all around the world celebrate the victory of good over evil. Lots of light events happening right now.
Give your energy, time and intention for light to pour in, to wash away all the evil that we see. The greed of governments, the fear, control, tyranny, suppression of their own people. All happening now, but light people, we must take part in our own freedom.
Join me with all your will and intent, to take all your powers back, to say no to evil agenda and yes to a light filled world.
WE are making a big impact, stick around, join in the light fighting the dark. It’s time you rise up fully, release the old narratives that kept you in darkness, light is here to show the way. In light, Kiran G

Breaking Vows, Contracts, Agreements, Curses, Hexes and Spells! Downloads and Lightcodes.

If I haven’t posted about this before. Here it is. There are lightcodes for you in this image, in the writing, in this communication. Just receive. All you have to do is use your intent and it shall be done. Once you do, just say ” I break all vows, contracts, agreements, curses, hexes and spells made in my name, with my energy, image, thoughts, writing, belongings or anything else carrying my energy or my essence” It is done.
Do the same for your family “” I break all vows, contracts, agreements, curses, hexes and spells made in (state name), with (person’s name) energy, image, thoughts, writing, belongings or anything else carrying their energy or their essence” It is done.
Lightwarrior, Kiran G

You’ve Got This. You’re On The Right Path!

For those who have been waiting for this. Wow, you have come a long way, you have worked on yourself so much that you are a completely new being now.
YOu have no fear, no regrets, things have worked out so well for you and you know that things are going to get even better for you.
YOu are a magician and you are manifesting all the magick in your life. You have worked so hard, it’s time to take some time to see how far you have come, your life is successful, you have a strong voice, you know who you are, you have achieved quite a lot and are going to achieve exponentially more. I see it.
Well done light one, you are going places, you will soon be in the limelight, your voice gives others hope, you have a way to help people relax, stop fearing about life. You know how to make people at ease, but at the same time, you do not like to be disrespected or trespassed.
You are flying high right now, do not worry about what others will think about you. It’s your success, bask in it and make sure you taste every cell, atom and molecule of your success. YOu are magick.
Lightwarrior Kiran G.