Unburdening From The Old!

UIMG_0094nburdening from all things old and worn out, stories that do not belong to you, but you still carry, old ways, old patterns, inherited through bloodlines, self defeating self talks, losses of disproportionate value and size – all these weigh us down to our knees.

The past has a lot of influence over us, the past – carries a lot of weight, why can’t we move on from the past, because that’s where all the information resides.  Our stories, our ancestors’ stories collectively), past lives (if you believe in it), the soul’s history, since energy does not die, our soul goes on to live in different dimensions.

When we become burdened with the pain and suffering of our collective ancetral past, then the unberable pain and suffering is felt in the collective ancestral body, mind and soul. After a long time of pain and suffering, histories of bad treatment, wars, invasions, slavery, deceit, the collective is ready to deal with the history of pain.

The collective is purging the incessant landfill of pain and suffering, we are ready to clean, clear, purge, heal and detoxify.  We are ready to make right the wrongs of the past.  Karma (actions) are being cleared, transmuted, healed and we have come forward as volunteers of light, to do this.

The world is releasing a lot of trauma, see how all that was hidden once is coming to light, masks are falling, everything concealed is being shown to us, collectively we are being shown the truth.  Masters of deceit are being revealed, all that is not clean, are being shown to us.

art the6


If we have chosen the path of light and healing, this choice is being held in high energetic healing, we are being protected, but a lot has to be righted, cleaned, forgiven, purged before we can move on.

The volunteers of light are undertaking a lot on their shoulders, some are clearing the whole family systems, collective ancestors, the past, past lives of ancestors and their own, they are healing their own bodies, minds, hearts and souls, they are speaking and clearing the collective consciousness as well.  These beings have come with great Karma (actions), their path is one of great responsibility.  They feel this responsibility on their shoulders, they get scared of the immensity of their task, the burden feels defeating and crushes on their soul heavily.

But, fear not, this is not a burden, but a freedom to be felt, remove the fear and stop seeing this as a burden, remove the energetic burden from yourselves.  See it as a freedom to be shared with the masses.  Speak, teach, heal, go forth and prosper.

Choose the light path, the light people, good friends who will nourish you, fill your vessel with love, get out of enslaving relationships, these are co-dependent relationships that keeps you in bind.  Break the old spells of the dark ones.



Unburden yourself from all the energies that crush you down with demands, clear your chakras, release those pain to where they come from.  You will feel like a landfill, where everyone came to dump on you, you are highly senstive, people will hook you, tag you, plug you, to take your light and life force.  Clear yourself from everything and everyone.

That’s when you will feel the best of you come out to play.  Have strong boundaries, you do not have to take everything that others throw on you,energetically, you have been collecting other people’s pain and suffering, they unburdened themselves onto you, they found the lottery jackpot when they met you, you agreed (on a subconscious level) to take all their horror, pain and suffering and they became free of that pain, where you carried it from lifetimes, to lifetimes.

Are you ready to drop all of these burdens?

Complete forgiveness_04(2)

Just have the intention of dropping all the burdens that you have been carrying, release what’s not yours.  Allow others to carry their own load, that’s when they will learn their lessons.  Do not fear their lessons, you have to only take responsibility of what you have to learn and do.  Other poeple’s lessons are their own.  Even though you may have thought you were helping them, you were only delaying and hindering their growth.

In relationships, we make pacts, we unknowingly agree to a whole host of things through loyalty and love.  We do this out of love, wanting to help and save others.  Not wanting to see them suffer, we do a lot of things to fix, save, mend others.  Whilst, we can offer other kind of help, taking other people’s pain, suffering, load or burdens do not help either of us.

Drop that burden, allow everything to learn from their own mistakes, pain and suffering.  Do what you need to do, teach with the highest integrity and leave the rest.  Do not fear your own voice, your own existence, your own speech.  It is powerful and you sow the seed of healing in everyone who hears you talk,  read your writing, feel your hug, see your light, touch your energetic field, smell your existence.  They become whole just by being around you.  You are an amazingly, poweruful being of great light.

You are a power generator, your existence on this earth is wanted, this world has been waiting for you to arrive and you HAVE!  Now is your time to shine, go forth and prosper.

Great light is emanating from you, your tribe is here already.

A long awaited reveal, coming into light, defeating the dark forces, revealing yourself to the world.

Coming into full light, end of trials and tribulations, end of pain and suffering, end of victim-attitude, you’re a new person, full of light, powers and force.

Kiran G

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