Karma Clearing!

In Total ControlKarma is the law of the earth.  Everyone has a bank balance, whether in the negative or positive.  But everyone has Karma, it’s the law.  When we are born on this earth, we have Karma.

So, what it Karma? Karma means actions and could also be any omission on our part to act. So, an omission of action, also accrues bad Karma.

Good Karma is good action and intentions.  Bad Karma is bad actions and intentions.  These also include omission of action.  For example, if there was injustice, we take the side of the injustice, we act and intend to harm others, or we do not act, that gets added to our negative Karmic bank.  So, coming with clean hands always is key to having a positive karmic bank account.

Leave others to do what they do, do good acts, intend good things, stand up for justice and righteousness, defend the vulnerable and the weak, be on the side of justice. Do what you have to do to get justice, in the name of righteousness, stand up and be counted, voice out injustices, stand up for the weak, poor and vulnerable, give voice to those who have none.  Speak up, speak out against those who abuse their powers and keep others bound in pain and suffering.

Earth has a way of making people pay their debt, it never goes away, we pay the debt of even our ancestors, so, our karmic bank account also has our ancestors’  karma included.  So, to clear all bad debts in our account, we must also do good for our ancestors.  We aren’t an island, we are social and collective beings, we are connected by our Karma.

A Karmic family come together through the bond of their karma.  Family come together through their karma and karmic balance, so, perpetrators tend to come to family of perpetrators, souls in a family tend to have same Karma.  So, a family of victims would come together as the ancestors would have been victims as well.

The Dancing Queen - It's Time to Shine.

The Dancing Queen – It’s Time to Shine.

A family of abusers, would have a lot of abusers born in the same family as soul family, their karma is to work on clearing the family debt of from abuse and violation of others.  Collectively the ancestors and family have the same energetic imprint and Karma.

Our ancestors have a lot in common with us, most of the time, we are all living the same life, the same pain, the same suffering and same cycle again and again and again, until someone in the family breaks the chain.

Each ancestor has an exact imprint of energy as us, we share a lot with our ancestor, so, if someone was victimised in our ancestral lineage, the group in the family would have some kind of victimised history as well.  But, we are all victims one would say, yes, it’s true.  The perpetrators/abusers are also victims, the abused are also victims.  So, there are only victims on this earth.  Yes, this is true, until Karma is cleared.

When we clear Karma, we say we do not want to be a victim anymore, the abused or abuser who are both victims – come out of the cycle of abuse.  One makes the jump out of the circle, does everything to have justice and prosecute those who have wronged us.

The justice is in a spiritual court, some go to actual court, but it’s a matter of justice must be done.  The abuser is taken to a spiritual or legal court and a case is lodged against them.  The divine or legal court finds in favour of the abused.  Then, the debt is cleared in the name of the abused/victim and awards are made to the aggrieved just like in any court.

Karma is a system of justice, it’s a spiritual system of balancing the scales, the gavel comes down as all memories are stored in the akasha (ethers), there is no escaping the karmic laws of equity and justice.

Karma does not mean bad karma only,where one suffers and suffers, bad karma can also be suffered by good souls, who have done nothing wrong, for example – a good soul suffers injustices all their life, suffers abuse, harassment, violation and tresspasses.  Why? why do good souls have to suffer? that’s because they have been done wrong and the wrong carries on if the victim does not stand up for themselves and make it right for themselves and the whole ancestral lineage suffers together.

Once a wrong has been righted, a soul’s bad Karma is cleared.  Then, good Karma pays off.  Some may be angry that there is bad karma for good people.  Yes, that’s the case, but remember, the bad karma is not yours, it’s transferred, switched, pushed on to you, once you realise that others will push their bad debts onto you, then you can be careful as to whose debt you’re paying.

Pay your own debt, not others’.  However, the good thing about Karma is that its memory is good, when a debt is pushed onto you, it remembers, at some point, you will be able to return the debt back to its source, take back your good name and clear your Karma.

You probably do not have much bad karma ( if you have been victimised) a lot of bad karma comes from you not being able to act because you have been fearful to speak up, speak out or stand up for yourself and others.  Once you do, the karma clears itself.

So the suffering and pain has to do with you not doing what you needed to do to help yourself and your ancestors, the perpetrators love a weak person, so they can dump all their horror and evil on them.  So, as soon as you say no, no more and stand up to them, your karma clears very fast as you do not have bad karma when you come with clean hands and stand up for justice and righteousness.

A great time is here to clear karma for the souls who love justice and clean hands, it’s time for pure hearts and angels to clear karma.  Also,watch justice being made in your favour, public shame, humiliation, curse are all cleared now.  All karma are cleared, returned to rightful owner.  It’s time to clear your name and take back your identity.

Karma is cleared and justice is done in your favour when you have a pure heart.  Enjoy the rewards!

Kiran G

The Comeback. Full Circle!

victoryThe Long Walk To Freedom.

It’s been a while hasn’t it? the walk has been long, it has seemed endless, all of us are walking this path to total freedom of the soul.

Depending on the amount of work we do we get to our destination through detours and many deaths, but eventually, when we do not give up, the victory comes.

The victory of total freedom of the soul.  The full circle has been achieved.  Let me tell you one thing, it’s not a secret at all – the past, present and the future are all happening at once.  Time is not linear, it’s all happening in the now as well as the past and future.

So, we are creating, recreating what happened in the past, in a different way, same lessons, but in an illusory way.  All the issues of the past, are taking place now, also in the past thereby impacting the future.

Problems with others, happened in the past, especially the ones that do not go away, there is karma (actions and heavy debt) to be paid back.  It’s not always necessarily you have to pay the debt, perhaps you are, but also perhaps you’re here to collect what’s owed to you.

If others have victimised you, for no good reason – for some selfish inequitable personal or collective gain or were on the wrong side of history, worked for those who did a lot of wrong, abused their powers, then, you will collect your debt.  Because life wants to make it right to you, justice wants to be served, your karma is not full of bad actions, but that of others’ bad actions, that negatively affected and impacted your life.

If on the other hand, you were the perpetrator, then the debt must be paid in full.  We must always come with clean hands, act right, act with the highest integrity, justice is always done, if not now, it will be done at a later stage, but fear not, you must pursue the quest for justice, to obtain it.  I.e – take back your powers from those who took it by force and had no right to do so.

Those who have done you wrong, must come back in front of the equitable court, where one must always come with clean hands and there will be judgement made in your favour.  Keep on walking on the righteous path, a lot of abusers/perpetrators/takers are being made accountable now.  Confront injustices, evil acts and intentions.

So, if you have been waiting for justice for a long time, then this is the time to collect rewards, karma is cleared, debt is paid off, debtors pay you back, justice is done.  It’s this time when goodness pays off, keep on filling your karmic bank with good positive actions, because it’s about to pay off with infinite interests.

Enjoy your path of goodness and equity. Always come with clean hands.

Kiran G


Super Sunday – How to Stand Up For Yourself!

Return of the divine feminine

Powers ARE BACK!

Having been in the legal field for a while and  having seen a lot of people struggle with how to professionally or if not professionally, how to generally deal with bullying, harassment and or abuse. I want to offer some help in this area.

Standing UP for yourself

Standing up is hard as it can be a lonely place to be, you feel alone and it can be fearful.  To make matters more complex, you are aware that confrontational people do not like to be confronted back.  They like their victims docile, quiet and submissive. BUT, that’s not you! they may have got the impression that you were docile and submissive! which is far from reality.

So, if you fear backlash, there is no need, you’re safe and will be fine if you follow this model.

Stand up for what you truly believe in.  Being assertive does not mean you need to shout back, hurl abuse or intimidate others physically, you can do the same in writing! pen is a mighty sword, I tell you that!  When others hurl abuse or undermine your authority (sovereignty), then clashes and disputes occur.

Disputes aren’t a bad thing in itself, it’s how you approach and deal with it that counts.  So, if others hurl abuse, intimidate and undermine you, you must respond to their criticisms.  However, it’s in the way you respond that will make all the difference, if you respond assertively in a calm, gentle manner including your rights, laws, legislation, and policies – you win!

Complete forgiveness_01(1)

Well, this is if the situations permit you, if someone is threatening bodily harm, this approach may not be appropriate of course, but in most non-threatening confrontations, it is the assertive but firm one that wins.   Making the point calmly when someone is in a physically confrontational place is not ideal when you’re trying to be calm, even though the other may be hurling insult! it can be tough. So, remember this, the insults are not being hurled at you or about you.

STEP ONE – Remain Calm. If it’s physical confrontation, move away from the situation and then later think of how to teach responsibility to the perpetrator.

So, Remember. 

  • The insult being hurled is about the person (not about you) if you’ve done nothing wrong.

  • The insult is about themselves, what they say is what they feel about themselves

  • Stay calm

  • Reply calmly (if possible)

Step 2

  • If you can’t think of what to say – try this – “do not talk to me in this manner or you’re crossing the line, you’re bullying, harassing or abusing me”.  Or please stop right here, you have no right to speak to me in this manner” and then walk away.

Step 3

  • Take some space, think about what to do next, BUT you MUST ACT!
  • Do not make excuses for the person i.e they weren’t feeling well, they are usually good to me, it’s a one off, i’ll let it go, if it happens again, I will take action”

  • Do not have defeating self talks
  • It’s NOT your fault to deserve this
  • Do not be scared

Step 4

  • Write the event down or write to your superior straight away, telling them what had happened.
  • It is your chance to stand out, make an impact and be respected – so do it with facts, not emotional rants, but hard facts, how you felt, how you perceived the situation, how you were made to feel.

This is:

  • Your chance to voice your opinion, your judgement about your perception of what happened.

  • Your opportunity to stand up for yourself

  • Your chance to make changes, in a positive way

  • It’s a teaching moment – for others to also take note
  • You did not do anything wrong
  • Try not to blame anyone outside of the confrontation ( people involved) if it’s not their fault

  • For your rights to be respected

  • To be transparent

  • To be assertive and lead in this matter

  • Try to be professional – if in a professional environment.

Remember :

  • They are probably professional abusers, liars, manipulators, perpetrators, controllers

  • They love and want to maintain control over others

  • They are authoritative and do not like to be questioned
  • When they say, “the team does it this way, this that and the other” it means they want it this way, not the team!
  • They want you to submit and not question their authority or decisions.

So – Further Steps to take:

  • Tell them you don’t appreciate the abuse

  • Write about the allegations/abuse that took place – Make all your valid points in your response. Writing it down may be the best thing to do.  Include policies, legislation and guidelines if you can, all workplaces have policies and obligation to legislation

  • Ask for help if you need to, from a colleague or someone who can help or follow this guidance – in general

  • Give evidence of what happened (if there was someone present include their names)

  • Go to your boss and make a complaint about what happened.

  • Follow internal policies, look for grievance procedures and other such procedures and include them in your writing

  • If it’s a private individual, well, keep safe and keep a distance if you feel it’s going to be physical, but if not, then stay calm, speak when you’re calm and make your point back.

Some breaches that may have taken place:  Use these terms

  • Abuse

  • Insult

  • Intimidation

  • Degradation

  • Bullying

  • Harassment

  • Finger-pointing

  • Singling- out (victimisation)

  • Discrimination of all kinds – Sexism, ageism, racism, based on faith, religion, disability, sexual orientation etc

  • Subtly putting you down

  • Verbal abuse

  • Mental abuse

  • Psychological abuse

  • Physical abuse
  • Making you feel small, diminishing you to make themselves feel great
  • Telling you, this is not how it’s done, everyone is different and creative in their own way – putting you down for it
  • Financial abuse – are all against internal policies and there are laws against it too

  • Questioning your professional judgement (do they have powers to do that? are they also making professional judgements? Are they your boss? Do they have the right?)

  • Smearing your character/reputation ( Slander/defamation) in emails, such as copying others in communications that has nothing to do with the dispute in an effort to slander, defame or smear you ( this is also breach of  technological communications policies and legislations)

Then – 

  • Ask for relevant policies that they are following, what made them single you out, point to you etc … ask them to provide this policy.

  • Ask them to provide evidence what policy are they following?

  • Ask for evidence of their claims or abuse claimed

  • Make clear points

  • Ask them to cease and desist if necessary – use these words ” I am asking you to cease and desist, because you’re breaching my employment rights at work, many other policies and legislation – which are unlawful acts in law.

  • Ask your superiors to get involved

  • If it carries on, take it further

  • Follow internal grievance procedures

  • or get mediation (if it will help)

Whatever you do, do not keep quiet, do something as this will teach bullies to be quiet and beware of how they speak to you and others.  There are many, many laws that protect you, a lot of people are scared of speaking up – if only we all spoke up!

Justice will be done, remain transparent and you cannot lose.  This is a general guide and there could be other steps as well, but mainly these are what will work with bullies.

Justice has been done in your favour – Already! just get the ball rolling.

To your success and may your boundaries always be protected.

Kiran G

Wizardry Wednesday – The Last Push!

magic happens 017It’s time to purge the rest of it, it’s been a while we have been struggling with letting go totally.

Say your final goodbyes as it’s time to lay to rest the old and worn out, the pain-filled past –  see it dissolve in a healing fire of transformation.

A lot of us have been stuck in the past, we have been struggling to get out, as there has been strong attachments to people, stories, events, emotions and memories.  We have been holding on tight to these as this is all we know.

Letting go of everything we know to embrace everything we don’t know, (that’s ahead of us) can be quite scary.  We live life controlled by our subconscious minds, by our past, by our childhood experiences, by our inner child’s feelings and emotions, by triggers that made us feel unsafe when we were very little.  It’s usually our PAST that controls us, if we manage to heal and release the past, we can no more be controlled.

The past is filled with memories, it is this that binds us to the timeline.  If we can remove the fire from the memories, be able to detach and see them as stories and nothing more than stories, then we can live in the present fully, without allowing the past and the “people of the past” to keep dragging us back there.

When we give too much power to the memories, the people who have created those memories to entrap us, to keep us there with them forever, then we stay there all our life.  Pain and suffering live mostly in the past, it follows us in the present, as time is not linear, time is happening all at once, past is present is future.  So, the taker friend, the abuser partner/husband/relation,  or the enslaver boss, the narcissist family member still has a lot of power over us, what we really call the past, is happening in a different timelines – all at once.

Life can be very confusing, because events tend to happen all at once, confusion occur in life, because as we are inter-dimensional beings, we are living in many parallel timelines at the same time.  We may switch from one to another, to another, to another.  Timelines are always open, so if something triggers us we go back to our childhood timeline, where the trauma occurred and we stay there as long as we need to,  sometimes we get stuck in timelines.

So, when the enslaver boss makes us feel bad, we shift to a timeline that we were enslaved in the past.  When the abuser partner/husband talks condescendingly to us, we go back to the time when we lost our voice, our powers, possibly in a timeline where we were persecuted and killed (past life), or it could be we’re reliving the pain and traumas of our ancestors, energy gets passed on, if no one clears the traumatic emotional burdens, then it gets carried on as debt to all who comes in the bloodline.

A lot is happening all the time with us.  We may get stuck for a very long time in a timeline.  Because, the traumas are too big and we need a lot of time to process the wisdom, learn the lessons and heal the mind, body, heart, emotions and soul.

Think about your own triggers.  What are they? is there someone in your life that you cannot stand, no matter if they are far or close by?  think about past life karma with this entity. If a lesson persists with someone, it’s from the past and if it doesn’t go away, it means a few lifetimes were spent in pain and suffering with this entity.

So, the past holds all the answers, the horrible person you cannot seem to get rid of, the takers, abusers, those filled pain and suffering, you will find all the wisdom, all the answers in the past.  The past has a way to control us, it will have people in in that will not allow you to move on as they want to hold you back there with them.

When you have mastered to master time, timelines, the past, the future as one timeline, then you will have mastered life and its secrets.  Life is magical.  Life is magic, for those who are awake to see.

To heal the past find blogs in my archives that may help.

For books and art to heal the mind, body, heart and soul.  To bring back the spirit onto the most beautiful present timeline click here.

Wish you a magical life!

Kiran G