See Love Where There Is None!


See the truth of situations.   Really see the truth, because not seeing what is really happening is denial.

Once we see the truth.  Then, draw strict boundaries.  Remove abusive people from your life, be assertive with others.  Because being too good is going to make you into a martyr. Because if we don’t know how to say no.  Then, we will be taken advantage of.

The truth is, there are very bad people out there.  Some do not seem to have control over the darkness inside them.  That’s the truth, there are some beings walking this earth who are destructive.  As pure hearts, be discerning.  Make choices and eliminate situations and people, that’s a healthy thing to do.

This might be an obvious thing, but those who are good people, do not know how to say no, how to draw boundaries and how to remove people from their lives.

Those who have only darkness in them, who harm energetically, spiritually, by carrying out certain actions to harm others, see them with compassion.

They must have gone through bad experiences to be in this bad place.  Definitely remove these beings from your life.  But, do not hate them, no matter how big their crime.

See them with compassion.  And if you can, see them with Love in your heart.  That should heal any situation and raise your vibration on the Richter Scale.

When you reach that stage, you will no longer attract those who are of lower vibe.

Great stuff, keep on ascending.

Kiran G

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